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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by FEZ6, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi, just wondered if anyone from Derby or surrounding areas had a gtp place with EM Direct or were considering applying for their second round of gtp interviews?
    I did not get a place at Derby and this is my last hope of securing a place. I have been told there are just over 100 primary places up for grabs, but their is a shortfall of £5300 that has to be provided by your supporting school.
    Let me know if you have secured a place or thinking of applying
    Lynnette x
  2. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi, just wondered if anyone from Derby or surrounding areas had a gtp place with EM Direct or were considering applying for their second round of gtp interviews?
    I did not get a place at Derby and this is my last hope of securing a place. I have been told there are just over 100 primary places up for grabs, but their is a shortfall of £5300 that has to be provided by your supporting school.
    Let me know if you have secured a place or thinking of applying
    Lynnette x
  3. Hi Lynette
    I met you at teh Derby GTp interviews - I didn't get a place either, but luckily I have got a place with EM Direct! I had my interview in November! So I'd say go for it and apply! :) x
  4. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    You obviously had your interview the same day as me and I am trying to remember all the people I introduced myself too - what is your name? Congratulations, am chuffed for you. Are you from Derby/Nottingham area?

    How did your interview go at EM and any pointers?
    I am definatedly going for it, but I had some bad news ans then some good news. My supporting school said they would support me through this new application as long as they do not have to pay any funds and I said that I would pay for these. But now they told me yesterday they no longer can support me - I am wondering if they have strung me along, because if I got the Derby GTP, would they have backed out at the last minute. They said they have not got the time to train me up? Bizarre

    Anyway another school I do volunteering in said they would support me if I paid the funds, so I am so relieved, but cheesed off at the other school because I have worked their for 18 months and only in the for 7 months.
    What a mare week, but I am going for it if this other school supports me.

    thanks for replying

  5. Hello Lynette
    That sounds like an awful week for you - but get back on it and now you have a supporting school i'm sure everyone will keep there fingers crossed for you to get an EM Direct place. :)
    My name is Amy - I think we all had a coffee together whilst waiting to be interviewed - I had a mind map of things I was reading over! Clearly that technique didnt work and get me the place! Lol
    If I'm honest, I thought my EM Direct interview went pretty badly - however from what I've heard it tends to be if you do well in the paper application and get to the interview stage they are interested in having you and as long as you are keen and show willing at the interview you will be fine!
    There were only 5 of us interviewed on the day I went - the centre in Grantham is lovely.
    I had an English and Maths test - about Year 9/GCSE level questions and had to fill in 3 audits about my skills in English, Maths and ICT.
    There was a group task where we had to work together to proiritise tasks a teacher could have to deal with during a day at work - this was fine, just common sense really.
    Then the interview itself consisted of me presenting a 10 min lesson starter - I took an inflatable globe and presented a geography task - the interviewers pretended to be pupils.
    The interview questions were generic and the same for every candidate - they read them off a script. There were questions on every child matters and the creative curriculum and the foundation stage curriculum.
    I was honest and admitted I had little knowledge of foundation stage but was willing to learn and got the place! I was going for a KS2 place so they couldnt be too hard on me! Lol
    Good luck!
    Let me know if you want to know anything else!
    Amy x

  6. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi Amy
    Yes I do remeber you and your amazing mind map, I have never seen one like that before! Lol
    Thanks so much for all the above information. You have encouraged me even more to go for it, so I am going to look over em application later and focus on the personal statement bit.
    I was just a bit worried being in Derby that Em was a bit too far, but I was told there are only 10 training days to attend throughout the academic year, the rest of the time your based in school. I assusmed it was the same as Derby attending every other week.
    My only concern at this stage, because I now have a different school willing support my application, is that the school ofsed report is adequate and they would prefer outstanding or good and will not accept a school in special measures. Hope this does not prevent me getting an interview. What do you think?
    Is your school based in Derby or Notts? (I don't want to know the name)
    Get back to me when you can.

    Thanks again, and I will let you know how I get on.

    Lynnette x

  7. Hi Lynnette
    My school is only satisfactory. Origiginally when I applied they had a good OFSTED report and they were inspected just before my interview and got Satisfactory.
    It only says that they would prefer good or outstanding. Wouldnt we all?
    Dont let that put you off!
    Im in Leeds so will have quite a bit of traveling to do too but its worth it.

  8. Ha! Originally, sorry.
  9. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi Jem
    Thanks, that has put me at ease and I am going for it.

    It is so great to have this fab forum where everyone is so supportive - after a naff week, hopefully things are looking up.
    Thanks again
    Lynnette x
  10. My schools in Nottinghamshire, Priestsic Primary and it has received outstanding ofsted reports.
    I'm sure it wont matter though as all school can have ups and downs etc ... like Jem said! :)
    It only took me about an hour to drive to grantham and im thinking thats not too bad at all when theres only 10 training days! It seems like loads of the work is online too which should be good - more forums etc... for us all to chat in! The support network idea is great! :)
    Send me another inbox if you would like to know anything else about the application/interview or want any personal statement ideas! Though i'm sure urs will be great anyway - afterall you got an interview at Derby remember so your application must have been up to scratch! :)
    :) Amy x
  11. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Thanks a lot Amy - you been a massive help
    I am going to adapt my personal statement to the requirements outlined in the application from EM and will let you have a look at it (if ok) when I get it done. Want to get my application sent in by the end of March, just to get it out of the way.

    Thanks again
    Lynnette x

  12. Hi.

    Wondering if anyone on here might be able to help me?!

    I applied for a primary GTP with Em Direct in Hartlepool.
    I received a letter today saying I had been offered a place on the course!
    However, they said they are not able to offer me a specific school because the schools involved are waiting until their budgets are announced (in April)!

    The letter also advises me to approach schools myself in the meantime......

    the whole thing has left me more confused than ever!

    I get the feeling that even if I approach schools myself they will just say they can't/wont't do anything until their budget is annouced anyway.

    I honestly thought that if I got a place on the course I would be so happy but at the minute I just dont know what to do or think!!!!!

  13. Lynette - Your more than welcome! Good luck! And yes if you leave me a note on here and email me your personal statement I will read it for you if you want! :) x
    Andy - I'm sorry about your situation! The whole GTP thing is really confusing! I'm lucky i've got a place and my school is still agreeing to have me - hopefully they wont change there minds! :) I did canvas and send letters out to lots of schools offering some voluntary work in exchange for them supporting me on a GTP and that is how I got my place and supporting school! So all I can say is good luck, dont give up just yet and show them how much you want to teach and what a good teacher you will make! :) x
  14. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi Andy
    I agree with Amy, it is worth writing to as many schools as possible and explaining your situation and seeing what they say. It makes me feel a lot better trying to do something instead of hoping something else positive will happen.
    I have been knocked back by my supporting school at the last minute and I can't believe it has happened, but it's not going to stop me trying to get a place with EM or another school. I do work in another school doing voluntary work,said they will support me, but I have asked them if they are aware of the committment in relation to training me ( I just don't want to be let down again) so I told them to let me know after they have looked over EM school pack.
    Hang in there and just see which schools are interested - you have already got a place!!
  15. Hi Andy
    Im in the same boat as I applied to work at the school my mum works at. They told me I had a place and I was over the moon and then a week later I got a letter saying I must find another school! Just like that, eh?
    I have sent e mails to all my head teacher contacts and I hope that my supporting school head will do some calling round for me as well. I have created a database of all the schools in Leeds with the heads name and contact details. I have written a letter to them all that I am going to send it with my CV and reference. I have a hit list of very local schools that I am contacting first.
    Honestly I think i will need to find the 5K shortfall myself which is going to be incredibly difficult. I wouldnt leave it down to EM as I think they have too much on with nearly doubling their GTP intake this year.
    Be proactive and passionate and then at least you have done everything within your means!
    This has been the most difficult 6 months of my life and I feel like everything is on hold. I was in heaven when I found out I had a place and then it all came crashing down a week later. I told my employer (as they are very supportive) and all my friends and family. I'll look like a right tool if I dont find someone to support me.

    Good Luck Andy, I think we will need it!
  16. Hi Lynette
    I have secured a place with EM Direct with a primary school in Lincolnshire. My interview was in November and I finally heard in Feb. You are right in thinking there is a £5300 shortfall which will have to be picked up by the school. EM have been really helpful every time I have spoken to them, so give them a call and ask their advice.
    Good Luck

  17. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi Natalie
    Many thanks for your message and congratulations to you.
    It has been a difficult decision to make, but I think I am going to go for GTP another time, not sure when. The school that was initially supporting me until they recently decided they could not committ their time to support me. This would have been ideal, because my son goes to this school, and it would have been ideal for him to start and leave school when I got there, with some help from grandparents. (like some of the other teachers seem to do). I did have another supporting school, but feel that I would struggle without much support to drop my son off at breakfast club and get to the other school for a reasonable time. It just seem impossible to do and I also have a daugher.
    I would have to provide the shortfall amount as both schools have no funding and a lot of schools are in the same position, so some prospective GTP trainees will miss out because of this.

    Hope it all goes well for you when you start.

    Lynnette xx

  18. Hi Andy, I've got a place with EM Direct in Hartlepool, luckily for me the school where I work are supporting me. Don't give up and contact as many schools as you can! Even though they don't have definite budgeting sorted, the earlier you show your interest the better. Keep positive and good luck!

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