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GTP Derby

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by FEZ6, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Has anyone been offered a place or had a rejection from Derby? I thought I would have received a letter in the post yesterday. I just want to find out either way.
  2. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Has anyone been offered a place or had a rejection from Derby? I thought I would have received a letter in the post yesterday. I just want to find out either way.
  3. I had an interview for GTP Primary at Derby last month and I still haven't heard. Just desperate to know either way. I phoned the GTP administrator last Monday and she had they have the acceptance and rejection letters ready but they are awaiting the TDA announcment declaring what funding is available. They have the place allocation but no info on funding at present.
  4. has anyone heard anything? I was told we'd find out this week. My supporting school is needing to know, I need to know......
  5. I got the letter this morning and didn't get a place - they said they were very impressed with my interview but had to turn away many outstanding candidates due to the lack of places. I have accepted my PGCE offer though and am very excited to start! It's probably for the best, as I'm coming straight from Uni. Good luck to everyone else x
  6. sorry you didn't get in, but hooray you have your PGCE. So should hopefully know soon. thanks for the reply x
  7. I had a letter today - I haven't got a place but am on the reserve list!!! Not holding out much hope though!
  8. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi all, just opened the post and I did not get a place on the GTP, it also said you did impress the interview but to high numbers and no so many places they have turned down some outstanding candidates. Well done to those who have got a place and to those going onto to do the pgce. Hope it goes well for you all.

    Lynnette x
  9. sorry to hear your news. I am on the reserve list so am experiencing some of the same emotions and its not nice! The lady I spoke to when I rang said that competition had been the highest this year than she has ever known but that is not really any consolation.
    So sorry, have you anything else in the pipeline?

  10. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Thanks for you message, it has made me feel a bit better. I have nothing in the pipeline yet, but I have seen a few jobs that I am going to apply for and just see what happens. It is not the end of the world and I have a very supportive husband who is fab. I went to my friends funeral today and it puts life into perspective and not getting onto the gtp is not the end of the world.
    Crossed fingers for you - let me know if you get a place.

  11. Have just looked on EM direct website - they have been allocated more funding so recruiting again!!!! Have a go, its another chance! I know I'm gonna try

    Nicola xxx
  12. Hi Nick

    Deffo worth a try! EM got twice as many primary places as last year at about 100.

    If u need any info about the process let me know.

    Jem x
  13. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi Jem
    Thanks for mentioning this and I am going to give it a try. Please can you tell me how you got on with the application process, if this is now my only chance of getting a place then I have got to go for it.
    Any information would be much appreciated. I have been through the Deby uni process and did not get a place, so it may be the same as EM.

  14. Hello Lynnette

    It's probably very similar. I wrote about the interview in the 'has anyone got an interview for 2011 ' thread.
    It was some time ago but I wrote that just after the interview so will be quite accurate.

    The day was exhausting and emotionally charged. It didn't help that I had to set off at 6 am to be there in time. The application form itself needs to be fab as it goes through rigorous selection at that point.

    I have my fingers crossed for you and if you have any specific questions let me know.

    Jem x
  15. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Thanks for that I will try and find that information. I just wanted to know what area you will be teaching in? I am working in a school in Derby and wondered if they take candidates on from outside their geographical regions/la? Just wondered if you are from outside or within their region?
  16. Lynette

    The other strand is on the GTP forum about 4 from the top. I will be working in Leeds. Their area is massive but im not sure how far south it goes from me. Give them a call and ask.

  17. I've been offered a place on the GTP Primary at Derby, which is great but the letter stated that there has still been no confirmation of funding from the TDA so it is subject to that all going through okay.
  18. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Well done you. How exciting!!

    I can't believe confirmation of funding is taking so long to sort out.
  19. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi Jem

    I did contact them and they do cover Derby, but my supporting school can't afford to pay me. I am a bit confused about how the funding works with EM and how much the school has to contribute towards this. Do you know what your school will be paying?

  20. Hello Lynnette

    I applied for a salary funded place, which i presume i got as they didnt say any different. This means that my salary is funded by the TDA but that the school contibute about 5k for my training etc. I think they are still waiting for confirmation about the funding for each place.
    What did the school have to contribute for Derby?

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