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GTP/CILT for Native speakers

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by quetchie, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have a question. I applied for the CILT/GTP for september 2011. Have you heard from them yet ?

  2. Hi Sophie,
    No, I haven't but their last message was that they would let me know (and everyone else, I assume) in April whether I made it to the next stage .
    Which language did apply for? Did you manage to get some experience in a British school prior to applying? I applied for French but did not manage to observe any MFL classes in the UK so I am wondering if this is going to be an issue.
    Let's cross fingers.
  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply... I was very worried...
    I applied for French, and you ?
    I have no experience in a British school, but i have been a french assistant for one year in Ireland, and i had also 6 month of experience in Australia, and at the moment I'm a teacher in Toronto...
    But no experience with the British system.
    Hope we will be both ok.
    I don't know if you celebrate Easter just in case : Happy Easter

  4. Hi!!
    I have applied for the GTP as well but for Spanish. I have tried to contact them this morning but it seems that it will closed until the beginning of May. I need to hear something soon!! I'm so nervous :(. Good luck to you both,

  5. I'm really nervous too....
    I'm kind of desperate ... i really wanted to go into that program but I'm kind of worried not to be shortlisted ... because the answers was supposed to be before the end of April ....
    Maybe with the Royal Wedding the forgot us....

    Anyway, I'm keeping my finger cross... hope we all have good news.

  6. Hello,
    I've also applied for the cilt gtp (French). I don't know about you guys but I've received an email from the CILT saying this:

    I apologise for the delay in communicating our shortlisting
    decision to you. We have received a very large number of applications
    this year, and this has delayed the shortlisting process.

    Please note that CILT will be moving to new offices and will
    reopen on 3rd May.

    So I guess we won't hear from them until Tuesday 3rd May.
    Good luck:)

  7. Hi All,
    I also received that same message so I guess things will start moving ahead soon. Let's cross fingers. Quetchi I responded to your questions (in French) in another message.
  8. looking bad for me ... didn't received any email ....
    I may be out of the process. When did you received this one .
    Anyway good luck to you ... Hope you all get in ...
  9. Hi Quetchie and other Ciltian applicants,
    I received the message about a week and a half ago but I wouldn't read to much into it if you haven't got one yet. It could simply mean that they haven't had a chance to contact everyone because of the two long weekends in April and a move to a new location. Anyway, it is my understanding that they would inform us even if we don't make it to the next stage.
    So, let's hope for the best.
    GT [​IMG]

  10. Yes I have to stay positive but I find it weird that they take the time to tell some people and not others....

    Anyway I will start to look for something else and keep my finger cross for all of You.
  11. So any news from them ?

    Have a good day,

  12. Nothing by me. Any luck on your side?
  13. Hi everybody,

    OMG got the answer two days ago, Im going to London for the interview next Thursday !!! My heart has stopped when I received the mail... Congratulations for those who v got a positive answer!
    How are u all getting there ? Im driving down there, waking up at 5 in the morning, its gonna be a VERY long day.
    Im so excited, Im tring to revise my (poor) Spanish and my (very poor) German...
    Gingertea, which degree is it ? Where do you live ?
    Good luck everybody
  14. Hi Celine,
    That's great news. Congratulation. I'm not working towards a degree. What I meant is that I like the underlying idea of the GTP where one is trained while teaching. I am located in Birmingham.
    Best of luck.

  15. Salut Gingertea,
    à tout hasard, on s'est pas rencontrées dans une auberge de jeunesse de Liverpool fin janvier?
  16. Salut Marion,

    Non, désolé ce n'est pas moi. Je ne connais pas Liverpool. Comment se passe la prépa pour l'entretien? Ici, aucune nouvelle mais heureusement que j'enseigne quelques heures en fac sinon...

    Bon courage et tiens-nous au courant pour la suite,

  17. J'avais rencontré deux assistantes de français de l'université de Birmingham mais c'est que vous devez être nombreuses!
    Pour la prépa, je suis embêtée parce qu'avec une convocation si tardive j'ai pas eu l'occasion de faire de l'observation de classe... Et j'angoisse déjà à l'idée de pas réussir à dormir demain soir! Bon sinon je pense qu'il devrait y avoir beaucoup de désistements, notamment des gens qui postulent de l'étranger et qui pourront pas se rendre à l'interview donc ne perds pas espoir!
  18. Je ne sais pas de quelle université elles venaient. Et sinon l'entretien s'est mal passé pour moi, j'ai pas assuré. On connaîtra la réponse dans deux semaines mais bon je crois que je peux déjà me résoudre à repostuler l'année prochaine!
    Bonne chance à toi pour la suite!
  19. Salut Marion,
    Désolé d'entendre que ça s'est mal passé. Croisons tout de même les doigts puisque la décision ne sera prise que dans deux semaines. Si tu en as le courage pourrais-tu nous éclairer (- en anglais peut-être pour que cela soit utile aux autres candidats non francophones qui suivent ce 'thread' du CILT) sur le genre de questions posées et s'ils t'ont demandé de faire une présentation ou donner une leçon? .
    De mon côté, le message que j'ai envoyé au CILT n'ayant toujours pas reçu de réponse je me suis résolu à devoir chercher ailleurs.
    Je sais que l'attente risque d'être longue donc bon courage,
  20. Hi Rizmi,
    How did it go today? Would like to share your experience? your impressions? Which language were you applying for ?

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