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GTP Bradford or Huddersfield

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by OzarkChick, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. I've applied for them both, too, but they don't close applications til 29th of this month, so I don't think we'll hear back from them just yet. I also applied for Doncaster but didn't even make it through to interview stage with them.
  2. What subject are you hoping to do? Art and design is my area. Fingers crossed indeed, good so hopefully we should be hearing soon
  3. Primary for me, FS/KS1. I can do it at the school where I work now as a TA, so just hoping I can get on the course now!
  4. Good luck to you all! I'm on the Bradford GTP at the moment and can't believe it's half way through!! Seems 2 mins since I was in your shoes! Keep us updated how you get on!
  5. Yes it's more than others asked, has anyone hurd anything yet? Are people hoping for a funded place or is it common for people to self fund?
  6. Nope, I haven't heard anything yet. I've applied for grant, not self-funded. I keep checking the post every day hoping to hear something but nothing yet!
  7. Has anyone heard anything yet? I think I'm goin to wear a hole in the floor from all this pacing around I'm doing just waiting for any kind of news!
  8. I got my rejection letter on Friday, unfortunately.Was disappointed not to get an interview but I knew there would be huge competition. Oh well, fingers crossed for my next application to EM Direct.
  9. Sorry to hear that, it does appear that there is lots of competition to get in! Good luck for em direct. Im still waiting to hear back sat with my fingers crossed
  10. I'm sorry to hear you got rejected; which provider was that?
    I haven't heard from either yet. I check my e-mail every day and look for a letter in the post every single day. I hate this limbo!
  11. I've still not heard back from Kirklees or Bradford; anyone else still in limbo?
  12. I've heard nothing from Kirklees either. I emailed to ask when they would be letting us know and all I got was a short email back to say that everyone would be told if they had got an interview or not. I was very polite in the email and said that I understood that they would have had loads of applicants, but the reply was pretty curt! Seems like we just have to wait.....
  13. I have just spoken to Bradford and they have sent the letters out today for secondary candidates so hopefully we could receive these tomorrow. I'm not going to sleep now, has anyone Hurd anything from Kirklees?
  14. Sorry to hear that what is it that you have applied for? Just keep your fingers crossed for Kirklees now! You have no way of knowing, I'm still waiting to hear hopefully today from Bradford. Good luck with Kirklees!
  15. Sorry to hear that OzarkChick :( Fingers crossed for Kirklees now xx
  16. Got my letter from Kirklees this morning with my interview date, I'm getting excited now as I was a little nervous with not hearing anything. Has anyone else Hurd anything?
  17. Congratulations - that's great news. When is your interview date? I have heard nothing yet....
  18. hannahnutting

    hannahnutting New commenter

    I've applied for primary gtp Bradford but still heard nothing, getting a bit worried now...
  19. Thank you Swann9978 my interview is on the 26th April. Fingers crossed
  20. Yes, I heard last week that I have been short listed for an interview with Kirklees. Mine is on the 24th April. I didn't get into Bradford, Wakefield or Hull so the pressure on this interview is incredible. Sorry to those who were unsuccessful. The competition this year is ridiculous! I am so nervous. Does anyone have any experience of the Kirklees GTP interview? 24 places. Daunting!

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