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GTP Bishop Grosseteste

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Ham_1, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I too had an interview on 01.02.11 along with 2 friends and we have all heard back. I really think you should contact the GTP administrator and ask him, it isn't fair that you have been kept waiting.

    Ham xx
  2. Hi Ham,

    Thanks for your reply, where you successful? I will contact them tomorrow, I feel bad as I have
    Pestered them 3 times!

  3. Hey I had a phone call on Friday to confirm my place on GTP, my had a latter yet but they rang to check my preference as I was already registered on the PGCE course
  4. Hi,

    Yes all 3 of us were successful [​IMG] Roll on Sept! I have my fingers crossed for you xxx

    Ham xx
  5. Congrats, glad to speak to someone else whose got a place!
  6. Maybe they have reserve places in case people do not accept their place, so they cannot let you know until everyone else has confirmed!

    Got my letter today, going to ring in the morning and confirm.
  7. Hi. I am also starting BG in September on a GTP Drama course. I was just wondering if anybody is looking for accommodation for September as I am currently looking into housing etc and would ideally like to live with someone who will be going through the same stress as myself!
    Thanks. David
  8. Hi, I have an interview next tuesday for GTP drama at Bishop, and wondered if you could give me some interview tips...also, how many of you are there on the course right now?

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