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GTP audit test with newman or wolverhampton anyone???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Arabian_A, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I've got an audit test next week with both newman and wolverhampton... I just wanted to know if anyone's in the same boat for either uni, what resources they're using to revise for the tests etc.
    Im really nervous, but excited at the same time! Would be nice to hear from anyone, [​IMG]
  2. Hi Guys,
    I've got an audit test next week with both newman and wolverhampton... I just wanted to know if anyone's in the same boat for either uni, what resources they're using to revise for the tests etc.
    Im really nervous, but excited at the same time! Would be nice to hear from anyone, [​IMG]
  3. Hi, I've got audit tests for Wolverhampton next week too, and I'm really worrying about them - I have no idea what to start with! [​IMG]

  4. I did the audit with Wolverhampton a few years ago. I was offered a place to start in September 2009 but turned it down because I was also offered a place with my preferred provider.
    They were basic skills tests: not too challenging.
    The English was, from memory, about word classes and sentence-level type questions. I think you had to spot mistakes in a piece of writing too, but I may be wrong on that one.
    The maths was GCSE-level stuff, testing basic subject knowledge and application of skills.
    The science test seemed to be seeking out levels of subject knowledge. I can remember a question about what effect being on the moon would have on a man's given mass, and some questions about properties of materials.
    If you pass the audit, you are called back for interview. Mine was about 5 minutes with a man who had a list of set questions. He read them out to me and then tried to write down exactly what I said, which was quite offputting!
    Good luck!
  5. Thanks for that elizabeth....even more nervous now, maths is GCSE stuff?? I thought it would only be upto year 6 level as im doing primary...:S I got a B in my GCSE; just going to have to go through that aswell now then
    Well done for gettin accepted to both xx

    rach: what day is yours on? Mine is thursday 17th at 1.30pm
    i dunno where to begin either, i was just going to do ks1,2,3 thats it, but now im thinking gcse aswell? eeekkk!!!
  6. Thank you Elizabeth, it's good to hear from someone who has been through it....

    Mine is at the same day and time! I have been studying GCSE revision guides in all three subjects, although some of it is like reading gobbledygook! I've also been testing myself on the BBC Bitesize website. I did feel quite confident about the English one but as I discover more about the audits, the more I'm worried!
  7. damn looks like ive gotta brush up on my gcse notes aswell then...ive been using bitesize aswell.
    and I know what you mean, there's just soo much stuff, I doubt its all going to come? e.g. algebra wouldn't would it?
  8. Sorry, didn't mean to scare you! I got a B at GCSE too and I found it ok. It was more the basic calculating, data handling etc rather than complicated equations and geometry. It certainly went beyond Y6 level though.
    Why not try the GCSE bit of the BBC bitesize revision site for some practise?
    Best of luck. GTP is a great training pathway.

  9. Ooops - looks like posts crossed paths! Obviously bitesize is the way to go!

  10. oh no don't worry about it, I didnt mean it in a bad way...im actually glad you said that because I wasn't going to focus too much on GCSE so if anything I should thank you...so thanks :)
    You know the QTS skills test online on the TDA website, is it similar to that? Because I was thinking of revising them type of questions (e.g fractions, percentages) at all the levels. And yeah, Im just using bitesize for everything, starting off doing the quiz, if I get it all right I can move on, if not then I'll revise that particular topic, just to save time.
    Thanks again for responding, like Rach said, its really good to hear from someone whos been through it.

  11. Yes, I suppose it is very similar to the skills tests. There's also a great site for auditing your maths skills yourself...
    You need to register with the NCETM, but it's free.
  12. Thank you for that, I'll have a look at it.
    I was told that if we do well in the practice qts skills test online then we should be ok, so Im going to work on that. Only thing is they don't have a science bit so BBC Bitezise will have to do for that.
    Wish us luck :)

  13. I thought the science was more general knowledge/subject knowledge level really. Just the question about the mass of the man if he went to the moon sticks in my memory. I think it may even have had some multiple choice in there.
    Certainly nothing to worry too much about.
    Good luck!
  14. Thanks for the info.... Back to the revision today... I did try those QTS Skills Tests, and definitely need to brush up on some aspects!
  15. The QTS skills test is quite hard isn't it?
    I've got uni work to do today :(
    So tomorrow, tues and wed will have to do!
    Good luck with yours
  16. Hi everyone,
    i have my audits on the same day the 17th at half 1 very nervous lol :(
  17. Hi Jo,
    We're all in the same boat i guess :S
    It's only audit tests next week isn't it? I dread to think what i'll be like before the interivew (if i get that far)
    Im more nervous about getting there, and not knowing anyone, than the actual audits, having said that, Im not sure what to expect with the audits as there's so much to revise in so little time
  18. yes its just the audits, I think i'm just nervous because its so competitive to get a place you just want to do your best don't you. I've not long resat my maths and science gcse's and im still very nervous lol. have you applied anywhere else?
    Jo :)
  19. Yes, the QTS Maths one was a killer, particularly the mental Maths part! I only re-sat my Maths GCSE last year, but I went completely blank faced with those questions! I just hope it's not as hard as I'm expecting and I can't wait until Friday comes! I haven't applied anywhere else and luckily I did my degree at Wolves, so I'm familiar with the place. Good luck everyone x
  20. Ah at least your maths and science will be fresh in your mind..well more fresh than mine, I keep failing the online ones :(

    It is VERY competitive, that's what worries me more, and I really want a place for 2012 aswell, but I guess we can only do out best can't we?
    The mental part of the maths is a killer, I've forgotten how to convert fractions to decimals (if I ever knew how to in the force place lol)

    I've applied to Newman and BASS aswell. How about you?

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