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GTP at NTU- anyone heard anything?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by TopCaat, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just want to say thanks for your replies! They have been much appreciated. It's nice to know that there are other people in the same situation.

    Thanks for all your support and I'd just like to say good luck to all of you too!

    I'll keep everyone posted about any progression! [​IMG]

    Tara x
  2. Hi,

    Just wondered if anyone had any news yet? I applied for a place mid Nov and still haven't heard anything. They say they have had soooo many applications and have nearly finished sorting them out.


  3. Hi,
    Just to keep everyone updated still no word from Trent on the GTP or PGCE front! I rang the admissions office and she just said that they still have loads of applicants; "but no news is good news". Now however much I appreciate the sentiment, still not the best thing to say to a nervous applicant haha!

    Hope you all hear soon and its all successful!!

    Tara x
  4. Hi,

    Hope you doing fine. i have GTP interview on the 19th of January at Trent Uni.

    Good luck with your interview.


  5. Hi Rashid,
    I have had a PGCE interview for NTU back in Dec but still havent heard regarding my GTP application, I just wondered how long ago you were informed about your interview as my PGCE one only gave me 3 days notice!

    Ham x
  6. Hi,

    i have my GTP interview today, so finger cross. i was informed a week ago. i emailed my course leader and requested her if i can have interview early and may be because of that i have got an early interview. Good luck for your interview .


  7. Just to make you feel better I applied in April 2010, was interviewed in July, and am now half way through the PGCE!

  8. Hi Everyone,

    Just to let you know about the status of my application... Basically my application was "stopped" on the gttr meaning that trent had requested it to keep hold of it. However they then rejected it [​IMG] and my second choice was full by this point.
    But before you get your hankies out, I happened to tell my lecturer about it, as she was my referee for my PGCE application and I told her the reason for my rejection, which I requested (Because my experience had been in a foundation stage class, it did not qualify as experience towards a primary pgce) she said that this wasn't a good enough excuse and has now appealed it on my behalf!

    So hopefully something good may come of all this. But I'm also still waiting to hear from my GTP application (again from Trent) but I've been told I'll be hearing from them within a week!! [​IMG] my stomach is in knots! Its going to be a looooong week!

    Good luck to everyone :)

    Tara x

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