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GTP at Institute or London South Bank??

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by waterforelephants, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure what to do. I've been offered a place on the GTP at both the Institute of Education and at London South Bank for September 2012, and I'm not sure which offer to accept.

    On the one the hand, the Institute has the best reputation, so I'm inclined to go with them, but on the other hand, LSBU would award me with a PGCE certificate and 60 Master level credits at the end of my GTP year, which would be very useful if I ever wanted to teach overseas (very likely) since the GTP isn't recognised internationally, whereas the PGCE is.

    Any advice/suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. South Bank without a doubt. The reputation really isn't very important for teaching and that PGCE qualification will be really useful. I had this choice too but it's a no brainer really!
  3. Thanks for your reply!

    That's what I thought too. I'd prefer to have the PGCE qualification over going to a better-known university. Plus, LSBU had a really good vibe when I went for my interview, so I was pretty much decided, when a colleague told me about a friend who did the PGCE at LSBU who had complained about tutors not showing up for lectures/tutorials, last minute cancellations... Which made me doubt my decision. Does anyone who has completed the GTP at either IoE or LSBU have any feedback on how the course went? Thanks!
  4. Hi
    I'm in exactly the same situation, offers from both South Bank and the Institute for the Primary GTP, and there are obvious pros and cons to each. Feel very fortunate to have this dilemma but even so, tough decision making necessary. I wonder if anyone is having the same thoughts as me?
    South Bank
    • One day a week in college; good for peer support, socialising
    • PGCE and masters credits handy, but as I have no intention of ever working abroad -redundant?
    • All interviewees I spoke to seemed incredibly friendly and supportive
    • No second school experience
    Institute of Education
    • Felt staff were slightly more impressive
    • Admin seems to be more organised
    • Reputation - important?
    And, need to reply to South Bank before full details are sent by the IoE.
    Can I ask if anyone is currently on either of these programmes how they are going, particularly with the workings of the second school experience at the Institute, do you 'swap' schools with others on your course?
    Also, for the South Bank GTP, if you have knowledge of other GTP providers, do you believe you have more academic work to complete as it's working towards a PGCE.
    Would be interested to hear your thoughts...
    Thanks in advance
  5. I've been told wherever you go for the GTP you have to do a second school experience and it isn't swapping between trainees as far as I know. I was told at my LSBU interview you have to do a second school experience and it says so on the website too :/
  6. Ah just realised looks like you dont have to do SSE for primary but I'm doing secondary
  7. Thanks for taking the time to reply
  8. Thanks for your replies. It's a tough decision to make! lori00, have you decided which one to go for? I didn't realise LSBU doesn't require SSE - I was actually looking forward to it since I'd gain more experience that way...
  9. Nothing I've read anywhere mentions SSE at LSBU but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen! Have found all info from IoE is much more detailed. And no, I'm still in a complete quandary over my choice, I wish full details from IoE were being sent out before I have to reply to LSBU... Have you had any further thoughts?
  10. I'm in the same boat, I have to let LSBU know by next week, whereas IoE
    won't be providing me with further info until after Easter... If it weren't for the PGCE qualification that LSBU offers then I would probably go for the IoE - however, since I almost certainly intend on working abroad I think the PGCE would be a very useful certificate to have and it would probably be silly of me not to choose that option...
  11. Yep, if you're planning on working overseas lsbu is the obvious choice. I'm veering towards lsbu too.
  12. I did my GTP at the IOE last year and they were fantastic. I have found my NQT year far less horrifying than many of my colleagues who did the PGCE course as I had already spent a complete year in a school teaching. Both are challenging neither easy. I preferred immersing myself in a school across a year. I also enjoyed being paid! The second school experience is a requirement of the GTP I only went for three weeks but they were invaluable. With regard to the IOE I was given incredible support, my school was tough and very unsupportive and all of my tutors at IOE went above and beyond getting me the support I needed even to the extent of arguing my case when my school wanted to award me with a GOOD rather than OUTSTANDING. At the IOE you only go in once a month as opposed to many PGCE courses where I believe that you attend uni weekly. Hope that this helps and congratulations on having the choice!
  13. Thanks for replying, were you Primary or Secondary? IoE does sound impressive...
  14. mehmetdan

    mehmetdan New commenter

    I've opted for the IOE. I called both IOE & LSBU, and my school's GTP coordinator to help me come to a decision. Whilst the PGCE sounds very appealing the extra workload and weekly attendance does not. I think if I hadn't done an education based degree LSBU's extra tuition would be very supportive but I have, so going over the same ground is prehaps a waste of my time.
    I don't think there is any deadline as such. I've had both offers for sometime but I have now given up one of my places to allow someone else to have it. Sorry, I can't remember the dates of my interviews - it was a while ago. I hope you enjoy LSBU.
  15. mehmetdan

    mehmetdan New commenter

    ...I should add that IOE now do optional 60 point Master Credits as well
  16. Muttley_in_the_Midlands

    Muttley_in_the_Midlands New commenter

    Just jumping in to the discussion here. I have also asked the QTS versus QTS and PGCE question of the professional moderators on other forums.

    One said to go for PGCE and the other said - who cares, just get the QTS and get on with your career.

    On the one hand I wonder why I would bother doing the extra work to get a PGCE and on the other I worry about being beaten to a job because my CV didn't have a PGCE on it.

    TOO difficult!
  17. My interview at South Bank was on 2nd March and at IOE on 13th March. After much deliberation I have more or less decided on IOE (just waiting for my head to clear up a couple of points) and am feeling relieved having made a decision especially as I know there will be people on the waiting list keen for news; I know how awful the wait was for me....
  18. I found out you definitely do have to do a SSE at another primary school at LSBU...
  19. Yes, I discovered that too.
  20. After much deliberation, I finally officially decided on LSBU a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering, has anyone had any further info about the GTP at LSBU yet, eg re. enrolment date, start date etc?

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