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GTP - about to start at Worcester 2011, can it really be done with a family too??

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by vicbar, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Hi , I have a GTP place at Worcester starting this September, whilst really pleased to get the place, I am starting to feel a bit panic stricken about quite what I have taken on! Can this really be done alongside family life? I have lots of HLTA experience but as a result I am due to have a hefty teaching commitment from day one, as my placement is in the school where I have been working as HLTA. Any previous GTPers out there - is is normal to feel like this?? I am normally pretty calm!! Any Worcester GTPers - what things have you done so far towards the course?
  2. I am feeling the same, I've got quite a heavy timetable and although I'm just shadowing / team teaching for the first couple of weeks I will be expected to take on the classes within a few weeks. I'm worried about how much planning there will be, and can't start any yet because the teachers whose classes I am taking on are doing the planning for the first 2 weeks, so it's all going to come at once!
    I have put folders together and done a bit of background reading, but I feel like it's the calm before the storm and am expecting to have no time at all for myself come September. BUT, GTP courses have good pass rates (I'm with Derby Uni - they said theirs was 98%) so it must be doable! I'll also look out on this thrad for any advice :)
  3. Hi Vicbar,
    I'm starting GTP at Worcester in September as well. I'm trying to keep calm and reminding myself that hundreds of people have done the GTP course over the years, so there's no reason why anyone of us should find it impossibly difficult. Last year's GTP at my school taught 100% from day one, and he managed it (although it was bloomin' hard work).
    As for preperation, I have done a lot of admin - making sure that I have folders (both physical and on my PC); I've also been going through GCSE papers and work schemes to make sure that I'm comfortable with everything in the curriculum and in spare moments when the kids have gone to bed I'm reading "Learning to Teach in the Secondary School" by Capel, Leask and Turner. I highly recommend the book!
    See you on September 7th! Best of uck,
  4. Hi,
    I did my full time GTP at Worcester the year before last and have 3 children (at the time they were 5,7&9) - it was hard work, but I prepared for it and made sure that I was organised and made the most of every minute!! I think the hardest thing was accepting that I couldn't spend 4 hours on each lesson plan making it perfect, because sometimes it just had to do as there weren't enough hours in the day! It was a great experience and I passed well, completed my NQT full time last year and have managed to get a permanent part time position for this year that I am really excited about! Try to enjoy it all as much as you can and keep up to date with paperwork wherever you can...!
    Good luck!
  5. Hi thanks for the reply and all positive comments, my children are 2,8,10 and 13 so it's good to know it is achievable. I am looking forward to it and i have done some prep in terms of reading and setting up files etc. I'm sure I will feel better once I have got stuck in!! (Well I hope so anyway!!).

    Thanks again
  6. Thanks for the reply, good to know I am not alone!! Likewise I have done my files and some reading and also feel like the calm before the storm!! Good luck to you!!

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