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GTP 2012, catholic school!! help please

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by sarah_apple, May 26, 2011.

  1. I sent out 60 letters to schools asking them whether they would support
    me though the gtp (graduate teacher programme). I have no teaching
    degree and no teaching experience therefore I have asked them to do
    voluntary work prior to starting the graduate teacher programme with
    the school.

    One headteacher got back to me and was extremely impressed by my cover
    letter and CV and said he had never done the graduate teacher programme
    before and knew very little about it but was interested in the idea as
    he has had pgce students in before who have been good but some have
    been ****. He liked the idea of the gtp as it was practical. The school
    is catholic (voluntarily aided) and I am muslim but thats no problem as
    he didnt mind, he felt it would be bring some diversity within the

    So am confused as to what to do, shall i use this school as my gtp
    training placement? because i have tried everywhere but no one is
  2. This could prove to be a very big issue when securing funding for your GTP place. Training providers need to be confident in yoru ability to complete the course and tend to ask for considerable prior experience, especially if you're not training in a priority subject like maths, physics or chemistry. I would firstly spend some time in the school and figure out whether it is somewhere you would want to spend a year training. A year is a long time if you're not happy somewhere. Then once you have some voluntary experience get in touch with your local training provider and start the proces.
  3. Re being a teacher who is Muslim in a Catholic school - it's an interesting experience.... I encountered no major issues save the priest letting me know I am destined for hell and not his first choice of teacher..... if you don't mind the number of masses and other religious occasions you will be expected to attend - not participate in - then you'll be fine....

    Though Musli children can sometimes be confused the older they get as to what they feel they should and shouldn't be doing religiously....
  4. Hi yes I know its something I am looking forward to. Should I mention this in my personal statement that working in a catholic school could bring diversity within the school.
  5. You could do, though think if I were you I would big up the fact that the Catholic ethos will not be somehting you will be at odds with! That will probably be more a priority there end.
  6. Thanks I will add that too. It would be quite interesting for the examiners to read my personal statement that as a muslim, I will be working in a catholic school. One thing, could a gtp lead to a permanent post in a school. I was reading the ofsted report and the school wants to improve its stardards within the years to come, and the headteacher is looking for good staff.

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