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GTP 2012/2012?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kelly-marie, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hi there! New to this and first post! And I think it might be a long one the way I'm feeling - muddled!

    Anyway, I am currently volunteering in an infant school to get some work experience between now and July, as I want to train as a primary school teacher. Now, I think I'm far too late to train in September 2012 so I'll probably have to wait till 2013, am I right?

    I have considered doing a PGCE (I have a degree in psychology already), but it is the finance that worries me as my boyfriend and I are currently saving up for a house together! I kind of need to be earning and can't really afford to take a year without any proper income! Soooo I thought about the GTP, and it sounds fantastic, BUT the training provider for this in Manchester (where I live) was STORM who are "ceasing to operate" as of August 2012, and there are no signs of a replacement? Does anyone know anything about this that could help me out??

    Also, what can I do for the spare year?? 2012-2013? I have a year where I cant begin my teacher training but I want to use it to strengthen my application....any ideas??
  2. Hello,
    I don't really know about opportunities in Manchester but a girl on my course moved down south from Manchester as she said that opportunities for the GTP were limited up there. You probably are too late for 2012/2013 entry, I think most programmes are closed around Jan or Feb.
    It's really difficult financially if you are trying to save, because if you are going to do a PGCE you need to try and save money during the spare year, but most jobs that will give you experience for being a teacher are unlikely to pay well!! You can try and get a TA job - have a look on your local council website for vacancies.
    Good luck!
  3. I keep reading in the TES about generous bursaries for trainee teachers (on PGCEs) but I don't know the details, ie which subjects, whether for both primary/secondary. It sounds like it would be good to explore this option.
  4. I actually wouldnt mind moving away for more GTP opportunities as we are looking for our first house anyway and aren't planning on limiting ourselves to the manchester area, so that might be a good idea to look at...thanks! :)

    I thought about working as a TA for a year, it would give me valuable experience and pay me at the same time, so teacher training would be much less of a shock, but everyone seems to want a qualified TA and I'm not qualified? Plus, what would I need to know for a TA interview? Any help on that would be better as i'm not feeling very confident in that area at all at the moment!
  5. Volunteering and being keen to do the GTP may be enough to get you a job as a TA - it worked for me and a number of others I know. And being a TA will help you walk onto a GTP course. Along with having a psychology degree - the GTP course I'm doing this year (Chichester Uni) loves people with pyschology backgrounds!

    Enthusiasm and a willingness to get as involved as possible in the school will help you get an interview as a TA, assuming you can find one locally - is there a club you could offer to run after school or something similar that would make an application stand out?

    I know that it seems like a long time until you can even apply for a GTP course right now, and even longer until it would start, but speak to people (the head preferably) in the school that you're volunteering in about possible jobs - schools seem to be a lot about who you know. I was in your position (although living near a good GTP provider...) a couple of years ago and am now nearly at the end of my GTP year and I've loved every second (almost!). Good luck!
  6. I would suggest applying for a TA post. It's an ideal way to learn what really goes on in schools and will help you pick up some good ideas in preparation for your teacher training.The only downside is that TA pay is poor. Good luck with your application, whichever route you choose.
  7. Thanks very much guys! So it seems a job as a TA is the way to go then!
    Not too bothered about the pay for a TA position, it's gotta be equivalent/more than working in a shop right?

    So if I speak to the head of the school I'm volunteering in, what do I say? Explain my position and show my enthusiasm for learning more? Mention that I'd like to get as involved as possible? She wouldn't be able to just offer me a position for next year would she?

    I've got 2 recruitment agencies that have said when I've got a bit more experience, to contact them for an interview, would that be a good way to go? I'm always a bit cautious with agencies!

    When I look at the specification etc for positions as a TA on the council website it just scares the life out of me! Wouldn't know where to start in an interview!!

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