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GTCW Registration fee unfair!

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by Mered, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Do some LEAs cover the cost for teachers?
  2. Wasn't aware of this. I pay my own :) Felt a little better about it when there was administration of professional development grants. Not really happy to fund the witch hunts!
  3. Seems some Welsh newspapers have a full time reporter dedicated to the humiliation of teachers who make mistakes in their personal lives. GTCW hearings often make the front page. I fail to see what purpose,other than judgment, the body serves. We have a legal system for that.
  4. Are you having a laugh? Most points in the post above are addressed by the fact that teachers have to have CRB clearance from a school or agency before they can be employed. There is no reason whatsoever for the GTCW to also require teachers to be CRB checked as we are not employed either directly or indirectly by them, it's purely another excessive cost placed on many teachers and would be teachers in a time when every penny has to be watched.
  5. Maybe you could ask them to come in and explain to you about full stops?
  6. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    I can tell you what their role is, it is one of being a nuisance, a very expensive one too. As said before, we have legal systems in place for the things you mentioned. As for protect the public against inappropriate people getting near our kids, are you serious? Upon intiial registration you do a CRB check. That is it. The protection is very little. School often do their own, every couple of years or so now.

    Integrity my ****.

    Interfering they are. Make snap judgements day to day rather than finding things out first. Inaccurate records, and a real hindrance to NQTs.
    Send it back to secretary of state for education I say.
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    It's only from 1st April 2012 that teachers in England have not had to pay a fee to the now disbanded GTCE. Prior to that, agency supply yeachers in England had to pay their own fee , with no payroll amount to compensate (as for LA paid supply and contract teachers).
    All teachers were/are eligible to claim tax relief on their fees and Union subscriptions.
    Even those LA teachers who get the extra money, commensurate with the GTC fee in their pay, actually have payroll deductions from it and then have to pay the entire fee to the GTC. hence the ability to claim Tax relief on the fee.
    Tax relief makes membership virtually free for LA teachers agency teachers pay less tax (20% of the fee for most).
    With union fees, you can claim tax relief on the eligible amount of the fee. With the NUT, you can claim relief on two thirds of the subs; with the ATL, on nine tenths of the subs. Ask other Unions what fraction applies.
    You can now only go back 4 tax years to claim arrears of tax relief. prior to April, you could go back 6 tax years. It's still worth doing.
    Itemise the professional fees you have paid in each tax year and ask for a lump sum arrears payment.
    let the Inland revenue know what you will be paying in the 2012/13 tax year and they'll increase your tax code, thus reducing the tax that you pay in the first place.
    Include your NI number with your other details and give your Bank account number if you want a BACS tax rebate.
  8. You get a lovely glossy magazine for your money!!! In both Welsh and English. Apart from that I am struggling to see any other benefits for teachers in Wales?! Not that the glossy magazine is a benefit either.....so in short....£45 that you have to pay, is to keep your name and details 'safe' on a computer somewhere!!! Bargain!!!

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