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GTCS Application

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Purepoise, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Purepoise

    Purepoise New commenter


    I have just finished the PGCE course, from Nottingham and am currently doing my NQT year in an inner city Nottingham school. All is going well, however due to a change in circumstances, I am having to move away.

    I have seen to get into teaching in Scotland (Aberdeenshire) you need to register to the GTCS. I am just first and foremost after any tips or advice on the application process. I hear that the standards up in Scotland are incredible and I am worried if I get rejected from the GTCS, I cannot be a teacher in Scotland. Is that how this works? How likely am I to get accepted? I have all of the documents on their checklist, but the only thing that is holding me back is my undergraduate degree. Unfortunately due to health complications, I managed to just miss out on a 2.1, meaning I graduated with a 59.6% (2.2). Is this good enough to apply?

    Anything would be fabulous! Help!
  2. Mazod

    Mazod Occasional commenter

    You must be registered with the GTCS to teach in a state school in Scotland (most schools in Scotland fall into this category). Most private schools also ask for this.

    My main suggestion is to get in touch with GTCS straight away. They are very helpful and will be able to look at your case sooner as the process can take a wee while. The fact that you have a 2:2 won't be an issue at all. The only thing which may hold you back is the subject content of your degree if you are a secondary teacher (e.g. You must have a certain number of credits in a subject to teach it). Good luck!
    Purepoise likes this.
  3. Purepoise

    Purepoise New commenter

    Thank you so much! I will get onto them :)

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