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gtce rant

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by vickyrae1970, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. vickyrae1970

    vickyrae1970 New commenter

    now , i find i have to have another gtce registered teacher countersign the document and i have no-one to ask as i cant ask my previous school for various reasons . what do i do ?
  2. I had this problem when i had to change my name due to getting married. Luckily for me i had started supply and had done a few days at one schoolso she argreed to do it, otherwise i would have had to drive for 2 hours to take the form to my old school. All that messing around to change my last name
  3. vickyrae1970

    vickyrae1970 New commenter

    unfortunately , i have been told i cant work until its sorted , eventhough , as i have discovered , the details have been wrong for years . i am just concerned that i am losing wages .
  4. Oh gawd I had a massive set to with some snot on the phone about this one - snarled at me "what dya want" while chewing down the phone (one of my pet hates) and accused me of wanting to committ fraud because I was changing my surname.
    Being honest - after his rudeness, I haven't bothered doing it yet (still only half-changed over my surnames)... my CRB's still in my maiden name and I just make sure I've got my marriage certificate with me as well when I go to schools and I've never had any problems so far.
    I did complain in writing about the little snot's attitude though!

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