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GTC letter of QTS?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by adamse1, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Hi
    My school has requested my letter from the GTC about QTS with my TRN and date of QTS on it. Have any of you who have completed their teacher training this year received this yet? If you have, when did it arrive? This is the first i've heard about it!
  2. Yeah, I doubt it. People on the 14-19 course have theirs already, but I was on 7-14. We finished later and were told sometime in August, and have just had an e-mail that it'll arrive soon. Schools know that NQTs might not have theirs through yet, and mine's always made that clear in their letters. Good luck!
  3. First of all. Congratulations!!
    My QTS came through last Saturday, but I suppose it depends on where you trained, but expect it any time soon!
  4. Took literally ages for me when I finished the PGCE. Your school will not be worried and you really shouldn't be either, it is just not a quick process for all Universities or training centres. Congratulations on gaining QTS, enjoy some worry free time before September begins!
  5. terri1972

    terri1972 New commenter

    Got mine a couple of weeks ago
  6. Still not got mine [​IMG]
  7. Mine has arrived this morning so don't worry, they are on thier way!!
  8. Mine came today dated 2 July.
  9. Floss61

    Floss61 New commenter

    did not realise I needed this have not been asked for it by the school - I have my certificate is this different? [​IMG]
  10. At least 4 of my cohort received ours today
  11. Many of us from Gloucs received ours today!
  12. Nope not had mine yet I was at UH TOO.

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