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'grumbling' appendix

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by kesunder, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Red wine fan

    Red wine fan New commenter

    Kesunder, good luck!

    DH had tummy pain and was a bit "off" on holiday this summer. His appendix ruptured when we were in the wilds of Arizona. 2 hospitals, one $38k helicopter evacuation, 4 operations, a week on life support in ICU and another week on a "normal" ward later, he receovered, but for most of that week it was touch and go. We think there are some ongoing effects from the peritonitis, and the Americans really blitzed him with every antibiotic going.

    Oh yeah, I had to drive the motor home and look after the DDs, and generally hold it all together 5000 miles from home. School was a breeze when I went back (late) in September ;)

    I think you're doing the right thing.
  2. Where do i start!! Had an ongoing grumbling appendix for about 4 years. Dont know how I coped for so long with it. It would 'erupt' every 6 months and cause me serious discomfort. Funnily enough, it always started during the night.
    On thurs 21st Feb 08, I awoke with chronic pain in my stomach. Obviously unable to sleep, I was up and down, back and forth to the bathroom as I had the desire to 'go', but nothing ever happened. I went to work that day and ended up going back home at 11am, in serious pain.
    (At the end of last year, I had serious weight loss and a daily feeling of tiredness, feeling hung over all the time, looking like ****, pale, bleary eyes)
    Managed to do the weekend, with the pain subsiding, but it was back on the sunday, so I admitted myself into A&E in Fort William, thinking I had serious wind, but after several tests, including an anal passage examination by hand (awful experience), it was decided to keep me in over night for further tests. Had an ultrasound the next day, and chronic appendicitis was diagnosed. My appendix had actually be leaking into my abdomen, hence the bleary eyes, hungover feeling, tiredness, etc.
    After the op, I was really sore and was frightened to move. Couldnt pass water as i felt my insides were being ripped out. Sleeping for the first night was impossible as i got wakened up 3 or 4 times during the night, taking more anti biotics, painkillers and blood pressure checks, etc.
    But, the day after I had the op, I had the drain removed from my side. Thinking this would be easy was wrong as i have never felt excruciating pain like it, ever! I can honestly say, I screamed like a girl! I also nearly let my bladder empty itself, my whole lower body went numb!
    Got home the following day, 2 days after the op. Spent the first week on the sofa getting waited on hand and foot, but went to the docs the following monday and was signed off for another 2 weeks!! wasnt happy about this, but can understand as it took those 2 weeks for me to recover properly and was also warned that I do not drive at all. After being at home for a week, the pain had subsided alot and it was a waiting game for the scar to heal.
    It is now 25th March, over 4 weeks since the op. My scar is still a wee bit tender, I dry the scar normally without thinking, whereas before i would pat it dry. My problem now is where i was shaved, the hairs are growing back in and it is excruciatingly itchy!!! To the point of being infected and rashy! I have been applying E45 cream for 2 days now and it is helping! Also today is the first day that I have been able to button my trousers fully as before it would rub on the scar!
    Im proud of my 'wound'! Its still a bit solid when I press on it. Got the docs today for a final check, so will mention it to him.

    Anyone with any dobts at all, go straight to A&E. I was taken immediately with out having to wait for doctors appointments coming through, referalls, etc.
    The longer you leave it, the worse, and more fatal it could well be!
  3. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

    Yours is a very similar experience to mine craig, I had mine taken out at new years after several years of pain. Mine had leaked too....mmmm lovely! My scar has only just finished healing. I had one little bit that had a stitch poking out for ages...meant to dissolve! Hey look on the brightside now, hopefully no more excrutiating stomach pains.

    All the best :)
  4. glad you finally got it sorted craig, sounds very painful. i've yet to find out if mine was infected/twisted as notes have not been sent to the doctor and they sent me home straight away from the hospital so didn't see the consultant then. have got to wait until appointment on 15th april to find out!!!

    i am lucky mine was done laproscopically, although main wound is still not good over 3 weeks later. snowboarder-that happened to mine with the stitches, the nurse cut it off for me but said you could do it yourself!!!

    pleased that everyone is finally on the mend now, am not looking forward to the scars but fingers crossed it is the end of the pain for everyone. x
  5. how long did you stay in hosp kesunder?

    glad your feeling better now
  6. i was meant to be in between one and 4 nights, depending on wether or not it was done open or laproscopically but was sent home on the same day!! (they were short of beds so ended up on day ward-don't think my consultant will have been impressed when he found out i was sent home!)
    had to see district nurses at my parents as was given no after care advice-rediculous! that, plus my notes not arriving at dcotors means i have been making it up as i go along but at least nurses have been good and my own doctor.
  7. manuscript2007

    manuscript2007 New commenter

    I had this when I was a teenager - it is extremely painful but as mine was also 'grumbling' they didn't take it out.

    I felt rough for a good while afterwards but eventually it went away and I haven't had any problems with it since.

    Try and rest and take comfort from everyone's reassurances! :)
  8. Sarahlou241179

    Sarahlou241179 New commenter

    I don’t know if anyone could give me some advice my son is 11 yrs old he was in hospital Sunday night with grumbling appendix they sent us home on Monday as blood test came back ok.but he’s still getting abit of pain even with pain relief

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