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Grumble grumble

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Flumptious, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Flumptious

    Flumptious New commenter

    I am in the process of applying for a PGCE, to teach geography. I will be going for my first day's observation tomorrow, and I had planned a second one, at a different school, on Friday. But this afternoon (during a staff meeting - oops! I normally turn my phone off, during meetings), I had a call from the hospital, saying "We were expecting you on Saturday, but you missed it."
    "Huh? I though it was a Saturday in two weeks time! "
    "Can you come in on Friday morning?"
    "Umm, not really... "I tried to get out of it, but they said "Look, you have a lump on your eyelid, and it might be cancer. Rearrange your commitments, and come to the hospital!"
    I noticed the little lump on my eyelid ages ago, and that eye waters a lot. I mentioned it to the doctor a couple of weeks ago, and he said "It is probably 'basal cell carcinoma', but don't worry, I'll tell the hospital to see you..." Last week, I went back, and said "I haven't heard yet, and I'm really worried". He said "OK, it's probably not anything to worry about, but I will hassle the hospital".
    So, when the lady today was sounding like I should be worried, it is probably just due to the doctor being nice to me, but it might not be. It is very probably cancer, and it is hopefully a minor cancer, that can be easily dealt with.

    Oh, I am sort-of scared - only a bit, not terrified. But I have a rotten work situation: I am a university lecturer, and they have announced that they are closing my department. I have decided to apply for 'Voluntary Severance', and leave this summer, starting a PGCE in September, to teach geography at secondary school. I am desperate to get myself sorted, so I *know* where I am going to be. And now I have this 'cancer' thing, on top of it.:( I am not a happy little Flump, me.

    Oh well, I hope that my first day's 'observation', tomorrow, is a bit more encouraging.

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