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Grumble Grumble Grrr!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by anon1070, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Slightly upset and opening a beer about now...
    Was booked in today to do a primary cover for today/tomorrow/Fri. Arrived to find a pile of mixed up sections from mid-term plans, after tour of school had to go straight into a morning duty so no real time to familiarise myself with/decode the plans. Hence had no real idea what I was supposed to be doing during first lesson (numeracy), panicked a bit but tried to work out and follow the plan. Seemed to turn out ok, class a bit lively but not too bad. Had break duty straight after but managed to find my feet a bit more and the rest of the day went quite well.
    Or so I thought. Got a text off agency cancelling tomorrow and Fri, saying the school had rang and wanted someone else because my behaviour management wasn't good enough. I assume this was based on first lesson as I say, the rest of the day was fine, the class were very well behaved and got on well with the work. I'm an NQT so I appreciate I have work to do in terms of behaviour management but I genuinely didn't think it was that bad - the numeracy group responded to requests, albeit after count downs, and I waited for silence before talking. I honestly don't know what they expected; mind you, a copy of the behaviour policy/expectations etc might have been nice. As would proper plans and resources.
    So... How many of you have had a complaint made about you? Did it affect the amount of work you got? I don't get much work as it is so I can't see this panning out well. The woman from the agency was very nice about today but it's upsetting all the same, especially as my confidence has been down for a while. Supply seems to be all great days then rubbish ones.
  2. brunetta

    brunetta New commenter

    Oh dear. Don't know what to say bexie_doodle but I didn't want your post to go unanswered for too long and I thought I'd just say I really sympathise. It seems like you need a hug.
    Sounds like the school weren't very supportive in the morning so no wonder the first lesson didn't go as well as you might hope. Did you have a TA or did someone walk into the classroom?
    Doesn't matter anyway, it's done. I'm an NQT on supply and I just find that some schools are a bit 'funny' about noise. Where in one it would just be taken as children being enthusiastic, in another it's taken as there could be more control.
    Have you worked with this agency before? Did you get a chance to explain everything you explained here? Some schools are known to be more difficult/critical than others.
    I know it's hard to just brush this aside as a one-off, it's given your confidence a blow, it's meant you've lost out on more money...but just try to think that you're not rubbish and that you have had good days. You will have good days again. Chin up, onwards and upwards!

  3. historygrump

    historygrump Lead commenter Forum guide

    I woild not let it get you down, we have all had bad days and from the description of the day, the school was disorganised and if you did the work set, I can see no problem. It is the school being petty or some upset TA, who thinks that they should be in charge.
    I have no doubt that you have had good feedback in the past and a good agency will remember this and continue to give you work. I would also sign up with more then one agency.
  4. Poppy_Red

    Poppy_Red New commenter

    I know its hard not to, but try not to take this personally. I had a similar experience at the beginning of the year, where the school also said they didnt want me back. My consultant asked me about it, but she was fine and told me not to worry - and the amount of work I get has not been affected at all.

    I have also been to a school where I was booked to work 3 days, and at lunchtime on the first day I rang my agency and asked them to find someone else for the remaining two days as I was having a really tough time. Again, they were fine about it and said its horses for courses basically, different teachers will do better in some schools than others, and that they would rather employees were honest.

    As someone else said, you dont know what is going on behind the scenes in that school - at the end of the day if they are going to be that 'particular' just be glad you dont have to go back! :)

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