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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by yoggi, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Hi All, just looking for some inspiration have ofsted after easter and covering Growing this term wanted to focus on book Jasper's Beanstalk has any one got any good ideas on the six areas of learning many thanks in advance yoggi x
  2. Hi All, just looking for some inspiration have ofsted after easter and covering Growing this term wanted to focus on book Jasper's Beanstalk has any one got any good ideas on the six areas of learning many thanks in advance yoggi x
  3. hi. We looked at plants and growing. We choose to look at Jasper's beanstalk one day, In Wibbly's garden [about a beanstalk] another day, the original Jack and the beanstalk story another day. Then the 4th and 5th day we looked at choosing our favourite story from the 3 [using maths, simple tally chart] in literacy [or CLL] children drew their favourite character from their favourite story, recalled the story and some attempted to write words independantly.

    We had a sequencing activity based on Jasper's beanstalk [I took digital pics and shrunk them to fit into a word document so children could cut and paste in sequence]. Alongside the stories for CLL, we were looking at days of the week in maths and used the story again for talking about days of the week [amongst other books of course].

    K&UW we looked at seeds, different kinds of seeds. Looking at seeds in fruit & veg [apples, oranges, tomatoes, kiwi, [advocado, papaya] and looked at size difference. We also looked at what seeds need to grow and a sequencing activity of that too. Did observational drawings of fruit and vegetables with their seeds and made a book. We made flowers using seeds for the flower head and cut out petals from card. Also made a large beanstalk with snails, butterflies and worms and looked at patterns on them [maths, creative K&UW]. every child had their own Jasper template in card and their decorated their own Jasper.

    We also, on another week, looked at poems and growing and looked at rhyming, with the intention of writing a collaborative poem at the end of the week based on growing/plants.

    Hope the ramblings give a little inspiration ! Good luck with after Easter.
  4. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    we made bean diaries, measure with string cut out and stick into diary, label with day of week or write. Our children painted pictures of Jasper to go on the front page, some were lovely very detailed.

    leave your email and will send an old plan can't remember whats on it but may have some inspiring ideas.

    take digital photo's of growth of bean and make a whole class book.

    Laminate days of the week, and put into sand tray with rakes, plant pots and water cans. Similar for water tray.

    Take digital photos from book, laminate velcro and put on to story board for kids to sequence.

    Days of week pics on table, magnetic letters wow boards and pens.

    Variety of different forms for children to measure length with on maths table, rulers, string, ribbon etc... pictures of beanstalk in various lengths.

    Photocopy and cut out pics of beanstalk, get kids to stick into order of height, and measure.

  5. Thanks everyone please keep them coming as i have ofsted and need right activities
    Cinderella my e.mail is jill.howe1@tesco.net would love to see your ideas thanks again
  6. Deputy Dawg

    Deputy Dawg New commenter

    I'm also doing Growing Things (surprise surprise!)
    i'd love a copy of your plans Cinderella!

    Also - anyone out there got ideas for Hungry Caterpiller, etc? We're 'growing' caterpillers into butterflies over the next few weeks......

    Mucho gracias!
  7. Deputy Dawg

    Deputy Dawg New commenter

  8. hi i have some emailed resources for Jaspers beanstalk - if you want a copy email me and i will send on to you
  9. deputy Dawg - have you no idea of the world of nature!!!! what is the purpose of this activity in WINTER?
    Once your butterflies emerge they will die in this weather!
  10. hi has anyone got some ideas to use with Reception and PreSchool children for JASPER's BEANSTALk many thanks in advance
    please email to maria.twigg@mypostoffice.co.uk
  11. hi i didnt ask this question but was looking for the same thing may i leave my email address too for a copy of an old plan i will leave it below if i may. thank you
    mrs minas

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