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group teaching for deaf child

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by languageisheartosay, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. languageisheartosay

    languageisheartosay Occasional commenter

    Hi - if you already have contact with a teacher for hearing impaired children, I would ask that person about alternative possibilities for amplification. It may be possible to have some system in the room rather than just one mike as you imply. If you get no joy, why not try the RNID for advice on systems and his rights under his Statement etc. Good luck.
  2. A hearing loop? Although that might overload him with background noise.
    The teacher really shouldn't be doing this with a deaf child in the class unless s/he is making the children wait until they have the mic.
    The teacher could also put the kids in smaller groups, get them to hypothesise and then bring them together and have one child from each group say what they have come up with.
    Have you considered sign language? I know I'm a big BSL advocate and user and every family / child is different but it can really help and with an interpreter the child only needs to see the interpreter to access what is being said.
    A child / adult who is an exellent lip reader will still be guessing about 20% of what is said and he will never lip read as well as you, as a hearing person can.
    The problems he is having now will probably increase in secondary

    OK that said, and I know my opinions are not always welcome, at the moment your child is being discriminated against because of his deafness. The school and the teacher have a duty to make sure that doesn't happen, and they probably don't even realise it is happening.


    1) your circle idea is good
    2) use smaller groups so he can take part
    3) have the LSA repeat (maybe silently) what is bing said so yur son can lipread her/him
    How is his reading
    4) ask the teacher to use mini whiteboards - give the kids a topic, each child writes something on the white board and shows the teacher who reads them out
    5) get the teacher to write what is said on the board - or have the LSA do this
    6) instead of shouting out / chipping in they write on paper that is put ina hat / box and pulled out and read to the class


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