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group names

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mich21761, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. mich21761

    mich21761 New commenter

    Hi, I'm moving from Y3/4 to Y1 and I'm having trouble thinking of apprpriate group names for my new class. Does anyone have any original ideas they would be willing to share?
    Thanks Michelle
  2. mich21761

    mich21761 New commenter

    Hi, I'm moving from Y3/4 to Y1 and I'm having trouble thinking of apprpriate group names for my new class. Does anyone have any original ideas they would be willing to share?
    Thanks Michelle
  3. In my Y3 class we have simply reds, ambers and greens.
    However, I went to do an observation in one of our main feeder infant schools, and they had Gruffalos, Old Bears and... something else story-based in year one.
    Maybe something along those lines?
  4. Our Y1 classes have fantastic group names which they link to each of the 6 topics they do. They had fruit names when they did healthy eating, names like jesters, knights etc when they did castles, beach huts, ice creams etc for the seaside. My daughter loved it! It also gave them the opportunity to alter the groups according to their ability on a regular basis.
  5. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    i SO wanted to call my groups war, pestilence, famine and death... but didn't. only in my head.
    hexagons and circles, anyone?
  6. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    I'm Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. I did try group names last year but could never remember which was which and soon reverted to colours! ( It also means I can colour code my plans to match -sad or what!!!!)
  7. Purplepasta326

    Purplepasta326 New commenter

    I love the idea of linking names to the topic and changing them throughout the year. So much more exciting than numbers, colours, shapes etc. My first topic is space so am planning to name my tables after the planets!
  8. For some strange reason I always find coming up with group names difficult. I've had a range of groups
    - colours
    - shapes
    - cities I have been to
    - Lion King characters
    - Harry Potter characters
    - book titles
    - and things like Fabulous Flamingos, Terrific Turtles etc etc

    Am going into Year 3 so will be thinking over the holidays of something exciting to call my groups.
  9. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    i also link mine to my topic, but am struggling for my castle topic. Any ideas? 5 tables, so far i have knights, jesters, kings, queens???
  10. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    What age?

    I would name them after castles if they are old enough to pronounce them.
  11. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

  12. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

  13. fruitloop86.
    dragons, lords, ladies
    Parts of castle eg keep, turret, tower, moat
    Weapons: sword, shield, crossbow, catapult
    Characters from stories set in castles: Sleeping beauty, Rapunzel, frog prince,
    People who entertained in a castle: Jugglers, dancers, singers, Jesters

  14. You could have each table after a character in the Gruffalo ... e.g. Snake, Owl etc.

  15. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Turrets, drawbridges, port-thingies?

    In year 6 I have used famous writers for GR groups, but that was shared with the other class as well. The rest of the time it has just been 'this table, that table' on the whole. Have done circles (lowest), triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons (highest), etc for maths.

    Also unsure about what to do with year 2. I like the idea of linking to topics, but won't want the same table groups for topic, literacy and maths. Though possibly will if I have a top group, a bottom group and three mixed middle groups.
  16. I have wizards, unicorns, goblins, giants, dragons etc. I like a magical theme.
  17. A teacher at a previous school named her Lit. groups after Roald Dahl books. She let the kids write their favorite book titles, put them in a hat and the 'table leader' drew one out.

    All well and good untill (by pure chance) her LA group ended up being called 'The Twits'

  18. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    LOLOLOL Couldn't cope with such long names! Imagine being the 'James and the Giant Peach' table!

    Or having to say 'WOW! Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator table are going to be first ready!'
  19. Iv basically got colours too but called them jewls so ruby, emerald, topaz, sapphire, and then colour code planning to match. Have shapes for maths groups, but these are still coloured yellow, red, blue and green to match the accessories on the tables.

    Last year and up until the silly three week half term I changed group names every time, so we had clowns, acrobats, jugglers, magicians for circus etc, but the children kept getting confused as to what group they were in and what the groups were called! So gave up after easter and left it the same. Am going to keep them as the colours/jewels next year I think.


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