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Group Interview at UWE for lower primary PGCE

Discussion in 'Primary' started by charliann, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I've just received an interview for a place on the lower primary PGCE. Very happy ! As part of this we have to take part in a group interview/discussion, I was just wondering if anyone knew what areas are likely to be discussed?! Also does anyone know where I can find the latest government circular which discusses the latest age ranges for primary education, 3-7 and 7-11? Any ideas or experience would be greatly appreciated - I have also to do a 3 minute poster presentaion relating to Standard 1 of the Teaching Standards. I have looked at these and am getting some help from collegues but any extra thoughts would be great :)

  2. Hi guys, I have also got my interview on the 7th and am freaking out about this poster too! I haven't had much time to prepare for it so far, and what with Numeracy tests and the interview to prepare for too, it feels like there's an awful lot to do! But I'm sure we'll all get there :) Best of luck with all the prep! Hannah.x
  3. Hi All, I'm having a massive panic as I have my interview on the 4th January but I can't access my UWE welcome email,as they must be system problems there end, with the info about the interview and what the poster is on. Did it say create a poster on a particular area of teaching standards? I've been trying to contactthe uni but they are closed for Christmas! Ahhhh!
    Any help would be really appreciated!
    Suz xx
  4. Hi Suz
    A 3 minute presentation on your understanding of the first 2012 teaching standard. A3 poster. You can focus on one aspect
    followed by 3 min discussion
    group interview
    Hope this helps

  5. Hey, i've got my interview on the 18th January and im freaking out! I sort of understand what i need to do but do you have any other advice you could possibly give to help me out a little?
    P.s. Hope it all went well for you :)

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