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Grinding teeth at night

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Miss2012, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Think I must be grinding teeth as jaw hurts as does big tooth at bottom. Went to dentist who gave me antibiotics as x-ray showed no damage and she said might need to wear a night time guard for £200!
    Any one else a grinder and any tips to help/stop?
    No idea why just starting this now as life calm?!

  2. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    What a rip-off! My dentist had a guard made for me and it cost £30. Your dentist is 'avin a larf.
    The guard is languishing in a drawer and I've never used it....
  3. butties

    butties Established commenter

    I have had one for 10 years+ and wouldn't be without it. I have clenched my teeth so hard I have broken most of my back teeth, I must say that they were all filled so weaker than an unfilled one.
  4. I too am a grinder and have just got a guard from the dentist (cost £50) Takes a bit of getting used to but I find when I do keep it in all night that my jaw/ear isn't as sore the next day. The problem is it feels very unnatural and I keep taking it out in my sleep then spend the next am searching the bed for it.
    I also find that I tend to clench my teeth periodically during the day and have to consciously make an effort not to do this which I think contributes to jaw pain. Suppose to be stress related.
  5. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    My mouthguard was made privately as that was cheaper than the NHS (because it went up to the next band of treatment price) I think mine was about £80. I have ground my teeth down quite badly and although I no longer grind at night I do still sometimes during the day though I try not to.
  6. Perhaps I need to find out more re cost
  7. poppy1981

    poppy1981 New commenter

    After a fairly nasty break up I found myself in agony on a daily basis form clenching and grinding. My dentist also said a guard could be made for £175 but he advised to search amazon and get a gum sheild and use that. Cost me £2.25 and I dropped it in water for 30 seconds popped it in my mouth and fitted it to my teeth and hey presto! Wore it for two/ three weeks and now don't have to wear it at all. I will say the first few nights it took some getting used to but after night three I slept right through.
    This meant my daily paracetamol dose at 10am is no longer! Might be worth a shot for the sake of £3 ish!
  8. Do you have pets? One GP I knew said grinding teeth is caused by worms. My daughter was doing it.We all took the medicine. Result- no more grinding.This is not just an old wives' tale
  9. I have a condition called TMJS...cant spell the actual words!! My doctor and dentist have both said it is very common among teachers. Get the mouth guard now as it may stop the symptoms worsening. I lost teeth as they became so mobile through the grinding. The tension caused also has damaged my jaw discs and I click when I eat or yawn. I now get electric shock therapy on the face as the muscles go into spasm causing pain. It also gives me severe headaches (again common) akin to migraine. Some simple things can make a difference...try to avoid chewing gum, crusty bread etc. Tasks like grating cheese is a weird one...I have been told to avoid jobs like this which cause physical tension. Also when driving, think about the position of your mouth and tongue...jaw relaxed and tip of tongue behind your upper teeth.
    Socialising where you need to strain your voice - over music etc can make things worse for a few days after. I wonder if this is why teachers suffer particularly? They have to use their voice often in this way in school..without the music though
    When you first use the guard often when you sleep you spit it out. This is because it is a foreign presence and the body unconsciously rejects it. Get used to it by wearing it for short spells while awake...ten minutes while watching tv etc. Also keep a tumbler with some mouthwash by the bed...dip the guard into that before going off to sleep as the taste registers to your brain as something it is used to.
    My condition is chronic...probably as I had a rubbish dentist who failed to do anything about it when it was first spotted. (he has since been struck off...not due to me!) My doctor manages my symptoms really well for me..but is really just pain control as the damage has been done. So the above rant/ advice is because I would hate you to end up in my position.
  10. I ended up going to my gp today because of the pain in my jaw/ear which is actually getting worse and he thinks it is caused by TMJS. Thing is I've been wearing the mouthguard religiously for months now and think it's actually making it worse! I wonder if I'm actually clenching my teeth as the guard prevents me from grinding and this causes the pain as I know i've been grinding my teeth for yrs and it's only recently it's painful.
    Think I might try the relaxation route to see if it eases it as the pain during the day is awful but thankfully it comes and goes and isn't constant.

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