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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lordshine, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Hi, has anyone got an interview with Greenwich Uni for a secondary PGCE? I have one on 3rd March for PE and am wondering if I am the only one because there appears to be no other Greenwish applicants on here.

  2. I've had the same for East London, no one seems to have had an interview their at all this year for Secondary PE.
    What does your interview include- essay, group task etc?

    Good luck, you may find discussions on PE at Greenwich from the last couple of years, I'm sure I've seen some, they may be helpful for you.
  3. Hey,
    I've got a short exam then a group interview and then a 1-1 interview. Pretty nervous but looking forward to getting it done though. What subject are you doing? I'm doing PE.
  4. PE as well. I have my interview is this wednesday, I have to do an essay and I will be assessed on the content, handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar. A 1-1 interview where I have t go into in depth detail of a prepared lesson plan and then asked on my subject knowledge and have to complete a subject task- the subject task and essay are hard to prepare for as it could be on anything.

    Was East London one of your choices?
  5. Yeah UEL is my second choice.....We've hardly been given any information about what our interview would be on or how our subject knowledge will be assessed. I haven't used my sport theory since uni (5 years ago) so worried that it wont all come back to me!
  6. Well if the worst comes to the worst, and hopefully it doesn't, can help you with your preparations should you get an interview at East London.

    I'm sorry I can't help as much with Greenwich, but a couple of things from my own experience may help:
    Make sure you can successfully discuss the differences between coaching and teaching- type that in the search engine of the forum and there is a thread on the PE forum that might hekp there.
    Really scrub up on the new curriculum- especially the outwtting opponents and and other points in that section (I think there are 6). But also what teacher are trying to get pupils to become- performers, coaches, officials, observers etc all elading to being responsible citizins in society. Being able to self-assess and peer assess, take criticism and construct it positively.
    Make sure you know enough abut post-16 options and the 4/5 hour a week plan from the Government- 2 hours of high quality PE at school, 1 hour extra-curricular, 2 hours out of school.
    When you use your initiative, a good lesson you saw and why, a bad lesson and why. Differentiation etc.
    I was asked in my interview how 3 ne pupils join my pe lesson without my prior knowldwge. One plays football for Chelsea academy, one is a wheelchair user and one is a child who speaks no English except there name. How would you deal with them in their lesson, making sure your lesson covers all there needs- ie changing lesson etc. School policies and who would be responsible for the last one should be considered, but I was told the support for the last two were not available in your lesson. You won't get that question, but maybe something similar, epsecially regarding a wheelcahir user and a child with no English.
    Also, they may ask how you would deal with a situation where there are many disruptions to your lesson or the equipment is not availbel so you have to change your lesson following the NC.
    Those last two are possible questions you may not get any.
    Lastly, make sure you know the area in terms of what backgorunds pupils are most likely to come from, faciltites and opportunities available outside of school etc.
    I hope I have helped and not panicked you.
    Good luck, if I can help with anything else, I will do my best. Whethr I give you what you're looking for is a different matter.
  7. Thank you very much for your help, it's certainly given me things to think about and more things to look up. I just wish they would say whether there was more to the day than what they have put in....atleast then i would know what i was preparing for!
    All the best
  8. Hey,
    Yesterday was a very weird day. We all went there assuming that the interview process was going to be indepth and we would have a chance to show our knowledge and experience. However, the day started with a brief chat about the course and what we can expect. We were then asked to fill in a subject audit, which basically asks how many hours during each year at uni involved activities such as dance, games, athletics etc. For many of us, we couldn't fill this in because we were sport science students and you don't tend to do this during your degree. There was then a section where we had to write down what our strengths were (it was very hard to not just right 'none of the above') and any relevant experience. But this box was very small so no real chance to say anything.
    The second part was a written task where we were given an extract from the NC which described the aims of it and were asked to respond to one of three questions about it. I answered one asking whether I saw this as the purpose of education. This had to be about 400-500 words and we could take our time with this and take it away over lunch. I think the point of this exercise was to assess our written word and not so much the content of the writing.
    We were then put into groups of 5 and had our group interviews which were very informal and there wasn't really a chance to show that you knew anything substantial about PE or Sport or teaching. I was expecting it to be a series of questions about what we would do in situations or the NC but no such luck.
    Then that was it. No 1-1 interview, which we were strangely all a bit disappointed about.
    Thank you for all of your help though, I found that preparing for what you had told me made me more than prepared for my interview.
  9. Alas, I have been unsuccessful in getting into Greenwich so my application has now been sent onto UEL so your help will hopefully prove very useful!
    Fingers crossed I get an interview!
  10. Well I was unsuccessful at UEL as well. If you give me your email, I can give you more details about my Uel interview and perhaps you can give me more detail of your Greenwich interview. I say email as otherwise it's public and we could be giving an advantage to other candidates.
  11. Hey,
    Can you remember what UEL asked you for your interview? OR what was required for the subject knowledge bit.

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