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Greenwich PGCE Primary Interview this week!!! Please help :)

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MathsWhizz91, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. MathsWhizz91

    MathsWhizz91 New commenter

    Hi guys :)
    Just wondered if there were any tips/pieces of advice that you could give me for my pgce interview this Friday?
    How is the Group interview? And what issues were discussed? Do you have individual interviews at all as well?
    Any help on what the written task is would be amazing too!!

    Thank you :)
  2. e89


    Hi Guys,
    I hope your interviews all went well ! :)

    I found out yesterday that my interview is next Friday at 9 am and I am so scared!

    Do you have any advice at all?
    How were the group interviews? What were the issues raised?
    And how were the english and maths tests?

    I hope you did great in your interviews :)
  3. MathsWhizz91

    MathsWhizz91 New commenter

    Hey!! Ah well done for getting the interview :) It was actually quite a nice morning- in terms of how friendly and talkative everybody was. There was about 40 of us in the group in total (we were the first batch of interviews, so I assume you are the second lot). They said they are having at least 3 lots before xmas, and another 3 after.
    The maths test is only a short test for 15 minutes and is nice and easy; the written task was to write a short essay for 45 minutes. But I think they were taking into account our grammar, spelling and ability to correct any of our ow mistakes more than the actual content itself.
    The group interviews were actual not so bad- you get split into a group of about 6 people, and 2 interviewers: Where 1 of them conducts the discussion, and the other writes notes about all of you. In my discussion, we chatted about ourselves and what we do, and then the lady threw out some ideas and topics about education, such as the national curriculum etc.. and just wanted people to talk about it, any info they knew about it, opinions etc. It was quite relaxed, although slightly tricky to get your word in because everyone was fighting for turns to speak hehe! But you'll be fine :)
    Best advice I would give would be to just relax and be talkative and chatty to the rest of the group, because as soon as you feel comfortable with them- the group interview will feel a lot less awkward as you'll be quite friendly already :)
    And, GOOD LUCK!! :) Im sure you will do fine; just be confident. I haven't heard back from them yet, but they said it should be within the next couple of weeks :) *FINGERS CROSSED*
  4. e89



    Thank you so much for getting back to me!
    I really appreciate it

    I am still so nervous!
    I have been brushing up on my maths lol I am still clueless about the interview and what is coming up for the essay bit ... I think I am dreading that bit the most ... and trying to get a word in at the interview bit lol :s

    Good luck to you too!
    Have you heard anything yet?

    I hope you are successful!
    Let us know how you get on :)

    Emma xx

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