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Great video on 'Why Learn Algebra?'

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by pipipi, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    well padawan, it's not the quantity but the quality! Do well to heed my advice you would

    A poster like Casy might just add a link to a video she had found.
    This poster claims in the title that it is a 'great' video. And this is only their second post. (I think their other post is also an advert for this). It's great that they've done it and that they are sharing it. But why not let other people judge how great it is? Or maybe I come from the modest end of the street?
    (I recently 'upped' a thread about Bob Bridges and a truly great list of websites. None from me. But definitely worth sharing again. And Casy's got loads more. Maybe I've set my standards too high for what great should be. But it's only 1 video. Not a whole load like waldomaths, or khanacademy )
  2. I liked the music in the video. Also, despite it being a little irksome in parts, someone had clearly put an awful lot of time into it. From a production point of view, it was way better than mathsmaster who was here a bit back.

    I think it fell down though for the reasons that Nazard gave, but top marks for learning some proper video editing.
  3. And I do wonder if supplying a link to it from TES resources would have brought a good increase in downloads. A chap at my school in the science departments is regularly getting 2000 plus downloads of his work on TES resources...
  4. Just one, assumig the content is good.
    I would love to receive something like that from my good year 7s for a homework project but as something to inspire kids created by an adult I would perhaps not opt for it.
    IMO if you struggle with the "why do we learn this?" crew then fast fighter jets, Usain bolt and a high pace high quality presentation may get into some of the more disengaged kids.
    2 minutes with "Song 2" from Blur combined with Roberto Carlos Free kicks, Ipod touch (or whatever the latest gizomo is) followed by what the world would be without it may appeal a little more....perhaps.
    I will show it to my kids next lesson and if I dont post again, watch cromewatch and look out for the story about 30 kids being up for kidnapping
  5. LiamD

    LiamD Occasional commenter

    First dibs on teaching your year 7s next year then.
  6. Really?
    Have you seen what some of them can do with flash these days?
    The video just looked like a screencast with a backing track
  7. I agree about Year 7 and flash. We have Motion as well and it doesn't take kids long to get the hang of that. I still think the technical skills in making this video ate higher than the camtasia brigade (voice over whilst they scrawl on the IWB) but not by that much.
  8. I can sympathise with that paulpav but then again, I've had science/geography teachers asking me why our pupils can't draw various charts, when in fact they have managed them perfectly well in maths...

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