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Great updated website

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mstarnes, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. mstarnes

    mstarnes New commenter

    Dear Tes Community
    I have not visited the Tes website recently due to life getting in the way, but having sat down today and browsing the new look website, I am pleasantly surprised. it is now set out in a non cluttered form, easy to read and I have spent the last hour just reading through responses in the forums.
    Having completed my FE teaching qualification in June 2015, my life has gone from studying from dusk till dawn, researching tirelessly and observing other professionals at my work place, whilst holding onto my full time job, I have started to feel more obsolete and bored, missing my weekly tuition with a fantastic tutor.
    so, getting back to my praise for the website..... for those of us newly qualified teachers, who are actively looking for a teaching position, this website certainly does keep professionals alike in the know when it comes to teaching and training matters, new regulations and useful teaching, learning tips and lesson planning to name but a few.

    Thank you, TES

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