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Great school interview, but no IB experience ..

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by flishflash, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. flishflash

    flishflash New commenter

    How to approach this and sell myself? This will be my first international post.

    I'm a HoD 8 years, highly qualified, being made redundant in August as Computer Science department is closing due to falling numbers. Fairly successful for the type of school but not successful enough to keep the department running!

    The school is in Hong Kong and sounds like everything I want so very keen to do my best.

    Anything Hong Kong schools look for in particular, generally speaking?
  2. willow78

    willow78 Occasional commenter

    Send me a message, im a HOD of computer science and have international/IB experience
  3. jpgreenwood

    jpgreenwood Occasional commenter

    Also bear in mind there are many other parts of the world (or just SE Asia if you're set on the region) that are as nice/nicer to live in than HK. Taipei, for example, is wonderful, and great opportunities for saving as well as good quality of life.
  4. jpgreenwood

    jpgreenwood Occasional commenter

    In response to 'what can you do to be marketable?' a portfolio website showing your programming creations is advisable. Our recent recruit to the department did exactly this and really impressed the panel at interview, despite not teaching IB Comp Sci. Since his arrival in August we've sent him on cat 1 & 2 training in Delhi & he's doing some amazing things with our Diploma students.

    Not having IB experience isn't a dealbreaker when you can show sufficient technical skill. Best of luck.
  5. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    NM. Good luck!
  6. seendee

    seendee New commenter

    @jpgreenwood Any vacancy you know in Tw? I am searching for jobs. Have applied to few schools in Tw too.
  7. jpgreenwood

    jpgreenwood Occasional commenter

    Not that I can see at the moment. There were a couple advertised on Search around Christmas, but those seem to have disappeared. Will keep a look out.
  8. flishflash

    flishflash New commenter

    8 interviews have come and gone, 2 for HK jobs 1 for China and 2 for Singapore (3 interviews at last place), and have just been offered and accepted a Computer Science job with responsibility in one of the well-known international schools with connections to the land of the free in ........ Singapore!

    Very excited. Salary just over £53k plus single apartment, flights, medical and moving allowance for August start. Thanks for the help. I can't wait to get out of my sh 1t ty Academy and begin a new chapter in my career. I can't imagine wanting to teach in the UK for many years! I'm off to start packing.
  9. ejclibrarian

    ejclibrarian Established commenter Community helper

    Congratulations! Singapore is a great place to be. I can't imagine ever wanting to work in a school in the UK again haha!
  10. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    Congratulations! I am a very deep green with envy.

    Some people think Singapore is a bit boring. I love it and if I had to pick any place to work, Singapore would be top with HK second. It has a fantastic history, world class parks and attractions, great transport links, some great beaches, Indonesian islands are a short ferry away, all of Malaysia is an easy hop away, the food is fantastic, the people are nice, speak English and like the Brits and apart from accommodation, is reasonably priced. In the right school, it is an amazing career move. You sound like you have a great job lined up and the package you have seems excellent. You will work for it but that is okay with most teachers there. And best of all, you are out of the meltdown that is happening in Computer Science in the UK as we speak, with redundancies and volcanic pressures - the biggest ballsup in education history is now a thing for others to do battle with, not you!

    If I had more energy, I'd be out there like a shot again. It's the best place I've worked for four years by miles. I wish I'd stayed there to be honest. It's my one career regret.
  11. flishflash

    flishflash New commenter

    Thanks. The redundancy will be great to bank as the school are really supportive getting me settled in. Their induction program in August sounds great and I've spoken to two teachers who work there, who are really positive and the ISR reviews are nearly all good. I'm so happy to be getting out of UK schools. It's like I can fly!
    ejclibrarian likes this.
  12. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    I used to love hanging out in the Botanical Gardens on the odd Sunday when I worked there. The huge indoor bird avery is great and something I remember from childhood (I was bought up in Singapore). The night safari is worth doing. I visited some of the places Nick Leeson hung out in before he brought down Barings Bank, which was fun. The marina area is awesome at night but can be pricey. I loved Sentosa - very manufactured but well done. The walking trail through the parks in Singapore is worth doing, takes all day and takes you through some amazingly historical areas, although you wouldn't know it now. Definitely read up on the history of Singapore and seek out the remnants - people are amazed when you can talk about the tigers that used to roam the island, the fierce battles on hills that took place in WW2, where the original spice market was, the original brothel areas (now super expensive condos). Become an expert on local and international transport.

    Damn it, I want to go back now!
    sabrinakat and ejclibrarian like this.
  13. flishflash

    flishflash New commenter

    I've started reading about the history of Singapore already and it does seem amazing. I have a bit of preparation to do for the IB and IGCSE, which I've not taught before but I'm being mentored through what I need to know. I have photos of the flat I'll be in already, as I'll be taking over someone's flat who isn't renewing their contract. It looks great with a small balcony and about 20 minutes from the school. It's all happened so fast but I cannot fault the school at all, who seem to be going out of their way to help me, answer questions, get the work visa stuff rolling and generally make sure I understand everything that needs to be done - totally professional. I really like the look of the visits and activities they put on for students and can't wait to get involved.

    I'm not sure about taking my mountain bike out there or to buy one when there. Mine's top notch but would be a faff to take out. I really would like to keep this all a secret at work for a few more months but am bursting to spill the beans although don't want to come across as gloating - quite a lot of teachers are always moaning (rightly) about the workload, behaviour that doesn't get addressed, the lack of any buzz in the school. Thank God for the rubbish Computer Science qualifications! If they were any good, student numbers would probably have stayed boyant and I would have been lazy and just kept working were I am, instead of getting a fantastic job in Singapore!

    Too many people say I'm far too happy at the moment ......

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