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Great British Menu

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by nick909, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. nick909

    nick909 Lead commenter

    Love it. Even sing along to the music. Much better than that Masterchef nonsense.
    Shame Lisa didn't get through last week - I thought her pud would have clinched it. There aren't enough women on the programme, so would be nice to see a few of them put some of the more arrogant blokes in their places!
    Wasn't impressed with the NI starters last night - the coronation chicken looked gimmicky and - let's be honest - nothing more impressive than standard pub fodder.
    Fish course tonight though. And the Irish know their fish - wonder what they'll come up with.
    Any other fans?
  2. Yes! Me!
    Though I didn't know it was on until I went to my parents for the weekend so I've only seen last Friday and yesterday's shows.
    I don't get why they are doing a sharing meal though, is it for a wedding themed street party or something?
    JSY x
  3. Loving this show!
    Totally agree about yesterday's show. I liked the look of the pork/gammon - shame it was totally over-cooked.
    Last week, i could not believe that a professional chef could <u>twice</u> add elderflower cordial to his rice-oud and not know the citric acid would curdle the milk.....and he won!
    Tonight...hot smoked trout has my vote!
  4. Me too! I love it!
    I'm definitely with you Bethannie, the hot smoked trout looks great!
  5. I agree that Masterchef has completely lost its charm since it had its X-factor style auditions, and I love GBM. The ideas have been so imaginative, I thought the Yorkshire mess was inspired.
  6. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    I love the horseradish and watercress sauce with the smoked trout.
    I would prob serve h/r and a w/c salad, so will try combining them nest time!
  7. From the website:
    series of The Great British Menu is working with The Big Lunch, a
    community street party initiative which encourages communities to get
    together one day in the summer. Street parties will be held all over the
    country on Sunday 5 June 2011. If you want more information go to The Big Lunch website.
  8. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    I watched the one about Northern Irish starters earlier today on the iplayer. I agree it's an improvement on Masterchef, but ask why on Earth does every new cookery programme have to revolve around a competition these days? Is that all cooking is about?
  9. nick909

    nick909 Lead commenter

    I see what you mean, MM, and there are a few shockers about at the minute. That Great British Dish or whatever it is is awful, and the Cookery School is pretty bad, other than Richard Corrigan who is hilarious.
    But there are some very good programmes tackling important issues as well. The Great British Food Revival was a revelation - tackling the issues of foods falling by the wayside or becoming overly commercialised and homogenous.
    And, HFWs fish fight and other similar programmes have all tackled real food issues that I would have thought to be right up your strasse.

    Anyway - I thought the NI lot has been a little uninspiring after the NE last week. I mean, fondue, as a high-end pudding?!
    I liked the massive meat platter from the young chap (Chris Fern?) but even I felt a bit of veg and a spud or two wouldn't have gone amiss. Perhaps he'll amend it for the judging panel. I think Oliver Peyton will rubbish his gimmickeyness completely, although it's always hard to guess what he's going to think.
    Off to a wedding today anyway, so it's programmed to record!
  10. nick909

    nick909 Lead commenter

    Yes, the scoring was a cop-out, I thought. No way would they have been awarded those scores last week or the week before. I didn't think any of the dishes were that exciting today. The pork pancakes were the best of an uninspiring bunch.
  11. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Certainly agree.
    As for the Great British Menu, I have mixed feelings. I like the idea of having a range of inventive dishes created by top chefs, I like the idea that a selection process decides which dishes will be the most appropriate. I dislike the fact that we don't get to see much of how the dishes are created and I loathe the commentary style. I'm glad that programmes about food and cooking are still being made but I wonder whether there is any real benefit in watching close ups of the various chefs wiping their brows and teasing each other. Without all this padding, the interesting bits of each region's contribution could be condensed into a single episode. I want to see more of what they actually do.
    I watched yesterday's programme this morning and then watched Raymond Blanc. As a comparrison between the two programme styles, give me more Raymond Blanc any day.
  12. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    I thought the final judging this evening was fair: Lisa deserved to win!
  13. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Absolutely. I disagreed with his judgement on the main courses though. Lisa should have won that one too!
  14. Lisa deserved to win - I'll be irritated if she doesn't win the 'big' judging tonight.
    The tiramisu pudding wasn't all that inspiring IMHO. Yes the tricolour spun sugar ribbon was clever and I wouldn't stand a snowball's chance of accomplishing anything like it - but I just felt it was a so-so dessert with a stunning decoration. I would much rather have tucked in to the trio of rhubarb desserts - and loved the cake-box idea too, although I accept it lacked originality.
  15. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

  16. That certainly hit the spot! Made me smile.... a lot!
  17. Tonight's show has only just started....but I am irritated!
    One chef (Richard?) is wearing a cloth cap whilst cooking! And the girl (Sue?) has a lock of heair that keeps flopping into her eyes, and probably the food!
    It's almost distracting me from the food!

  18. Is it just me or did the points not match up with the comments?!
  19. It did look that way. But I think the points were fair.
    The puffball looked good, but was basically 'just' a fondue. The Indian meal was over-ambitious - as shown by the hiccup with the timing. And the picnic was perhaps a tad predicatable but each element was reasonably well executed.
  20. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    I wasn't tempted by any of the offerings!

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