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Gravograph LS900

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Jarjartee, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Jarjartee

    Jarjartee New commenter

    OK - so we have a 'DEAD' 12 year old Gravograph LS900 on our hands (Parallell cable). The laser itself is functioning mechanically but NOT communicating with PC - the troubles began with Network / Windows upgrades etc just after New Year. Technician from Gravograph has been - unable to upgrade to USB board - tried various firmware versions - NOGO

    Anyone got suggestions for WHAT we could do with it ??

    As mentioned the LS900 is technically sound after service but we can NOT get parts for it - suspect COM port failure of some kind.
    Anyone got an old LS900 we can scavenge parts from or vice versa ??
  2. mmjkaejec

    mmjkaejec New commenter

    Just scrapped our LS 900. Where are you located?
  3. laina81

    laina81 New commenter

    Hi Jarjartee,

    just read your post and was wondering if maybe you could help me!

    We have a laser cutter (laser script 6090) that is well overdue for servicing and the quotes i seem to be getting are £500+ would you know a place that can service this machine under £450 inc. VAT? Its fairly new about 3yrs old!

    My department is quite underfunded, as most probably are. so making sure cost are down is so vital to us. any advice is greatly welcomed :)



    Also we have a old and dead Mercury laser cutter that needs getting rid of. Know how we could scrap it?

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