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Grateful for help with L/A task in Ofsted English lesson tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mooncheek, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. mooncheek

    mooncheek New commenter

    We have them tomorrow, prepared a lesson on Explanation writing for my L/A year 6's, based on a monster(what is it, where does it live, etc.) Problem is, I have 2 very very low (P scales ) children. I will work with them and some others, as I have 2 TAs for the others, but not sure what to do.Had planned to give them key words to create simple sentences-is this good enough? Thanks for any help.
  2. Maybe a bit late in the day, but could you try recording/role play/ask the expert & then write up as a guided group? Hope it goes well.
  3. mooncheek

    mooncheek New commenter

    Thank you PurpleDurple-I certainly could record the children being hotseated about how they 'saw the monster'-do you think it would be acceptable to give the two weakest children some actual words on a whiteboard to write up, if they try to spell the words for themselves first?
  4. If they are 'p' levels you need to treat them like you would a reception writer and provide a scaffold. That may be the shape of the sentence, it may be new vocab that you want them to use. Give them what they will need to be successful - but I wouldn't have them just 'copying'. If they are 'p levels' making simple labels for their monster and its habitat is at their level! Get them to draw it first and definitely talk it first - the hotseating is lovely. Good luck . . . and stop worrying! xx
  5. mooncheek

    mooncheek New commenter

    Thanks so much, that sounds just right for them, love it-going to do it.
    Will let you know how it goes, off to bed!

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