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Grated cheese is more expensive than a block

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Flere-Imsaho, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    Really? There are people who need a TV programme to tell them this?

    (BBC 1 now - Eat Well for Less)
  2. RedQuilt

    RedQuilt Star commenter

    I can't watch that programme because it sends me into a fug of despair :(.

    They'll probably have to be shown how to peel carrots in a minute!
  3. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    There is some talk of slicing mushrooms.
    "I'll be chopping all week!"

    The newest revelation is that Coco Pops are full of sugar.
  4. RedQuilt

    RedQuilt Star commenter

    Not mushrooms :eek:. So difficult *rolls eyes*

    It's mad that people have to be told these things isn't it? How can people NOT know?
  5. Dragonlady30

    Dragonlady30 Star commenter

    Don't you love the programmes which state the bleedin' obvious? :rolleyes:

    The result of the abandonment of PROPER cookery lessons in schools!!

    BTW, I don't care which govt stopped them, it was SO wrong!!!! :mad:
  6. RedQuilt

    RedQuilt Star commenter

    I'm sure that the lack of proper cookery lessons have something to do with it but don't people cook with their children anymore? Or chat to them whilst they're cooking and explain what they're doing? It shouldn't have to be all of the schools responsibility.
    grumpydogwoman likes this.
  7. Dragonlady30

    Dragonlady30 Star commenter

    I agree, but I think the modern parent were the first generation to lose out in school which reinforced lessons at home.
    ValentinoRossi likes this.
  8. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Is it a program written and produced by everyone's favourite superhero?

    Motherofchikkins and sabrinakat like this.
  9. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    You can't even put it down to the people having a poor education as they are both teachers!
    Flere-Imsaho likes this.
  10. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    Yes. Me
    I need to be convinced because one of our local stores sells grated cheese and cheese in blocks and where equivalent weights are compared there is actually no difference in price at all.
    Is this a local anomaly?
    Am I missing something?
    Do I not understand cheese?
  11. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

  12. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    I feel a bit sorry for the woman in this.
    "It all depends on whether she's adapted to the new items..."

    There are four people in this family. Why is she the one responsible for cooking and learning new recipes and ways of shopping? What do the rest of them do?
  13. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    Flere-Imsaho likes this.
  14. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    Tesco's block of cheddar is £5.66 a kilo but grated it works out at £8 (although you do sometimes get 2 pack for £3 which takes it down to £6 a kilo). I'm not familiar enough with other supermarkets to give figures but my instinct is that pricing is similar.

    (OMG these people are teachers!)
  15. emerald52

    emerald52 Star commenter

    I was watching Right on the money this morning. Similar idiotic couple earning 90k who had over £100k owed on credit cards. They only paid the minimum each month and spent out on masses of new things. They never made a shopping list for food so threw away lots. It was painful. They clearly were not stupid but completely deluded about their spending.
  16. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    Price of the block is similar here but the grated is lower.
    Must be just a local anomaly
  17. RedQuilt

    RedQuilt Star commenter

    I don't like that grated cheese because it's dusted with something to stop it sticking in the packet. It goes claggy in my mouth.
  18. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    You'll be telling me next that a bag of diced onions is the same price as whole ones!
  19. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    I think it's potato starch they dust it with. I buy grated mozzarella sometimes and it doesn't matter because it all just melts in.
    RedQuilt likes this.
  20. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    You can get bags of diced onion????
    That could have saved me a lot of tears
    Flere-Imsaho likes this.

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