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Graphic Products Exam 2015

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by GraficGeek, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. GraficGeek

    GraficGeek New commenter

    Pretty much straight forward this year don't you think? Recycled section A from about 10 years ago. Hope they don't go mad with grade boundaries!
  2. jmacjm

    jmacjm New commenter

    Yes pretty good. Not sure kids will balance the debate about recycling. Some questions a real tap in though!
  3. Good exam, maybe because the original had to be scraped due to a delivery van being stolen

    It will be interesting to see what the original exam was like if we are allowed, my exam officer is going to let me know.
  4. Did that really happen?! The exam this year was quite fair for once, with no tricky, ambiguous questions. Nice to see pupils leaving feeling quite positive for once!
  5. GraficGeek

    GraficGeek New commenter

    Tell us more Tom 221 we are all ears! Don't leave us hanging!
  6. Hio

    If you have a copy of the exam paper you will see that there is the letter R after the paper code.

    This means that it was not the original paper.

    A parcel force/ post office van was stolen with some GP papers in. Because of this all of the original exams were replaced.

    Your exams officer will still have the original exams, I know mine is waiting to hear from AQA as I've asked to see it.

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