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Graphic Design Courses

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by fairy_nuff, May 10, 2020.

  1. fairy_nuff

    fairy_nuff New commenter

    Just thought I’d pop on here to ask some advice about my son’s new interest in computer art.
    He is Year 10 and previously shown some interest and talent for drawing but decided to take GCSE Engineering at school instead of Art. Whilst at home from school for school closures, he has been copy drawing using Paint on his laptop. He’s done this independently and I only discovered he was doing this as my daughter asked me to look at his pictures! Apparently his friends have been sending him pics of Anime characters and other popular media animated characters and they’re really quite good!

    I suggested to him that Graphic Design might be a possible career path for him but don’t know what to suggest in terms of courses. Is there anything at GCSE level that he could do at home? Something that would open up opportunities at 16 plus? Also something that will keep his interest and expand his skills from copy art and using Paint? Obviously I don’t want to make it a burden for him but wanted to harness his interest and skills while he is at home.
    Thank you
  2. tomfors666

    tomfors666 New commenter

    I think that you are absolutely right and you need to develop talent.
    If you are looking for practical exercises for Sina, you can write to me.
    I have a project for drawing original icons for companies. We can take a young intern to ourselves, we are looking for talented people.
  3. tomfors666

    tomfors666 New commenter

    Write to me in PM if an interesting offer is for you.

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