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Graduating without QTS

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by MissJJJ, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. What happens if you graduate with a degree in Primary EDucation, but without the QTS? Are you qualified to teach?? What else can you do with a degree in Primary Education?
  2. I think the simple answer to your question is no, you are not qualified to teach. You just have a degree. To be qualified to teach you have to have QTS

    You might try working in FE ( teaching early years ed or something) but they are likey to ask the question I am thinking - why havent you got QTS , and they will expect you to take their PGCE/ Cert Ed training course ( which also wont have QTS) which will give you some recognition for teaching in the FE sector.

    Otherwise you might try getting a job in an independent school. They may not require QTS ( that doesnt mean they dont like to see it), but again I think they will ask , why did you do a primary ed degree and not get QTS.

    Failing that, you have a degree, you can apply fopr any type of job that requires a none specific degree.
  3. I also have a degree in Education outside the EU and seems very difficult to get a permanent/temp job in a school. I am also on my 4 years registration with the GTC and I really need to get a QTS, however seems very confused.

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