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Grade 8 Aural Tests ABRSM

Discussion in 'Music' started by marlin, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    I'm going to be accompanying a pupil taking grade 8 ABRSM in the summer. I have been asked to do more than I usually do in respect to the aural tests (usually I just complement rather than lead the aural work). I have the following books already:
    ABRSM Specimen Aural Tests Grade 8 - new edition 2011 with CDs
    ABRSM Specimen Aural Tests Grades 6-8 - old edition with CDs
    Aural Training in Practice Book 3 (Grade 6-8) - Ronald Smith
    Can anyone suggest a good book that I ought to have in addition to these, or do you think this will be enough?
    I accompanied the same pupil for Grade 7 (which he passed with Distinction). He is still quite young and has not started GCSE yet.
    I'd be grateful if anyone has any suggestions. Thank you.
  2. Hi Marlin,
    How about 'Aural Time' by David Turnbull?
    The Aural Time series has recently been fully revised to fit in with the 2011 modifications to the ABRSM aural syllabuses. Each grade takes students through all the sections of the exam, offering practice tests, example questions and clear explanations of what will be expected of them.They are the ideal study aid for any student preparing for the aural element of an Associated Board practical exam.
    The CDs for grades 6-8 contain recordings of all the musical examples from the specimen questions in the books, including all the instructional text. As with the books, all the CDs have been fully revised to fit with the new ABRSM aural syllabuses. http://www.musicroom.com/se/ID_No/01004208/details.html
    Hope this helps and best of luck to you and your pupil,Laura
  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Thank you for this suggestion. It sounds like just the sort of thing I need. I have bought from musicroom.com before and been very pleased with the service. I shall head to the site now and have a look.
    Many thanks for your reply.

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