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Govt-funded free Geographical Association training: "Critical Thinking For Achievement"

Discussion in 'Geography' started by srackley, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. srackley

    srackley New commenter

    Dear all.

    You may or may not have been made aware of a free nation-wide CPD opportunity from the Geographical Association regarding "Critical Thinking for Achievement". I'm running the training for teachers in Norfolk and Suffolk, but I’m finding that word isn’t getting around, or that aspects about it are getting lost in translation.

    So please can I have your help to promote this and share in your networks? It's not often we get direct funding from the DfE to deliver training for free - and simply, if we don't use it, we'll lose it.

    Schools rated OFSTED 3 or 4 in the Govt's 12 Opportunity Areas or in the DfE's Cat 5/6 districts have priority. Schools rated 1 or 2 within those target areas are welcome to register and may be given places if circumstances merit.

    If you are in Norfolk or Suffolk, you can sign up for the training I'll be delivering at the University of East Anglia (UEA) here: http://www.wemcouncil.org/wp/event/teacher-cpd-critical-thinking-part-1-on-behalf-of-the-ga/

    If you are elsewhere (and/or want further official details from the GA), see here: https://www.geography.org.uk/Critical-thinking-in-geography - (the 'Book Now' link needs to be fixed - the GA have been made aware).

    The training is available to our primary colleagues too, so please share with via your cluster links.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. srackley

    srackley New commenter

    Update - Looks like the GA have sorted the web-page out! There is now a 'Make an enquiry' button. A reminder, however, that those located in Norfolk/Suffolk (or with easy access to the UEA) can register directly with me via the WEMC (1st) link.
  3. srackley

    srackley New commenter

  4. srackley

    srackley New commenter

    Hello all. To make you aware that the deadline for registrations is the end of the day on Thursday 3rd January 2019. However, places are now beginning to fill so you are advised to register ASAP to avoid disappointment. Thanks :)
  5. srackley

    srackley New commenter

    Hello all, and a Happy New Year :cool:. We are having to jiggle a few things around, and this gives more time for teachers to sign up. The training dates are now:
    • Day 1: Monday 1st April
    • Day 2: Monday 10th June
    The deadline for signing up is Thursday 7th March 2019. The training will still be hosted at the University of East Anglia. Details: http://www.wemcouncil.org/wp/education-training/
  6. bex2018

    bex2018 New commenter

    We had the first session in Leicester today for this programme and it was absolutely fantastic! Sign up if you can!
    srackley likes this.
  7. srackley

    srackley New commenter

    Thanks @bex2018 ! Yes, we've had really good feedback to date - with 99% of attendees so far rating the course 'good' or better.

    With regards to the East Anglia arm of the course, the deadline for registration is fast approaching (7th March). So please get in quick! http://www.wemcouncil.org/wp/education-training/

    The GA have now provided a full prospectus which sums up the course very nicely (attached)

    Attached Files:

  8. srackley

    srackley New commenter

    Hello all. I'm happy to say that now that we have secured the numbers needed to make the East Anglia course viable, there is no longer a deadline for registration. We still have a handful of places left!

    If you are still interested, you still have until the Thursday before the first day of the course (1st April) to register (that's only so I know how many photocopies etc I need to do on the Friday!) :)

    Register at: http://www.wemcouncil.org/wp/event/teacher-cpd-critical-thinking-part-1-on-behalf-of-the-ga/

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