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Gove's back. Oh God!

Discussion in 'Education news' started by Mrsmumbles, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Does the world go round? Why? Why?! The Tories are rubbish. Gove more than many. He gets to keep his seat AND a promotion, despite the fact that he's behind most of the problems! AGGGH!

    (And he looked like an overgrown sixth form running home as a guilty stop-out. Ridiculous blue floppy linen jacket and brown scruffy shoes! Grrrr!
  2. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    We're doomed!
    Mrsmumbles likes this.
  3. Norsemaid

    Norsemaid Lead commenter

    There you are @Mrsmumbles :)I 'd been wondering where you had got to when all this palava was taking place . Hope you aren't too sickened .

    I think TM is keeping him in plain(ish) sight . He is going to have some fun in post I believe Sort of busy doing nothing type of effort .

    I I admit ,my stomach churned somewhat at the horror of it all

    ,. What I am puzzled about is that our Boris welcomed him back Into the fold like the prodigal Son! Wonder what he's up to?
    peggylu and Mrsmumbles like this.
  4. applecrumblebumble

    applecrumblebumble Lead commenter

    The Ides of March might come quicker than she thinks.
    Mrsmumbles likes this.
  5. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Who needs a habitable environment?
    peggylu and Mrsmumbles like this.
  6. drek

    drek Star commenter

    Well like trump he might sign underhand deals with polluting companies and pretend there is no harm caused to the environment by any money making machines at all.
  7. curlyk

    curlyk New commenter

    Bad news for the environment , but good news for Labour. The most toxic politician in the country. A face you want to smack ! Is TM trying to cosy up even closer to Trump ?
    Mrsmumbles likes this.
  8. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    It's another splendid May decision - putting her own interests before the country - again

    There will be a price to pay down the road
  9. Jolly_Roger1

    Jolly_Roger1 Star commenter

    I think TM wants Gove inside the tent p*ssing out, rather than outside the tent p*ssing in.
    hhhh, Mrsmumbles and harsh-but-fair like this.

    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    But he's going to be inside, p'ssing everywhere.

    Gove in charge of the environment. Isn't that an episode of 'Doomwatch'?
  11. PeterQuint

    PeterQuint Lead commenter

    A climate change denier who tried to remove global warming from the national curriculum.

    In charge of Environment.

    peggylu, guinnesspuss and Mrsmumbles like this.
  12. Jolly_Roger1

    Jolly_Roger1 Star commenter

    Gove in charge of the environment puts plastic-eating bacteria in the shade!
    guinnesspuss likes this.
  13. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    I was busy doing last minute tuition...looking forward to a nice quiet week....then this happened. AAAGH! Bojo and Govo will be sniping away. Horrible, horrible, most horrible! This lot are making Shakespeare's Richard III look like Mrs Doubtfire.
    Norsemaid likes this.
  14. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Indeed. A toxic man adding to toxic waste. Gove and old toilet-head Trump at it together. Oh the irony.
  15. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    So, yep, really selfish! Now Osbo, he'd probabaly enjoy a bit of the old water sports!
  16. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Or a scene from 'Diehard'?
  17. Jolly_Roger1

    Jolly_Roger1 Star commenter

    I do not think May is making the decisions any more.
    Mrsmumbles likes this.
  18. PeterQuint

    PeterQuint Lead commenter

    Now I've thought about it, I'm so happy.

    We may not realise this as teachers, because we all naturally think he's a ****, but SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE.

    The Tory 1922 committee will be telling May to go for a softer Brexit whilst BoJo and Gove will be trying to pull things the other way.

    Open a beer and a packet of crisps, this is gong to be entertaining. Excuse my schadenfreuder, but watching this shambles implode is going to be so much fun.
    Shedman likes this.
  19. Jolly_Roger1

    Jolly_Roger1 Star commenter

    This is a delicious variation on the 'how many angels can dance on a pin head?' question. How many Tory cabinet ministers can dance with a spike up their backsides.
    Moony likes this.
  20. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    Where is Gove on record as denying climate change? Nowhere that I can find. He wanted to remove it from geography NC (but have it in science NC) but not because he denied climate change existed.

    He wanted to take To Kill a Mockingbird out of the English NC as well but that doesn't mean he was denying the existence of Harper Lee
    wanet likes this.

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