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Gove's announcement for school sport on DfE today!

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by gogojonny, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    I think it will be release time.
    I don't think people will like it. After all this has all been about what PE teachers stand to lose rather than what is best for the kids.
    One day a week release is great in my opinion. I would still love to see PE teachers moved from secondary schools to primary schools full time, but this is a good start.
    This one day can be spent organising competitions. The member of staff will not get around all schools - best to arrange to bring them to a central point and play some games. No faffing about with dance inset or the best technique for a forward roll - there are plenty of manuals for this - do what primary staff struggle with and that is organising a competitive game against another school.
  2. funkygirl

    funkygirl New commenter

    Gogojonny we actually agree on something in terms of inset days that have been put in place to primary's in the past!! The money could have been better spent on developing PE and sport at this level and I think a release time once a week concentrating on the main feeders for our secondary is better than what was originally proposed!
    Don't agree with your point on moving secondary teachers to primary full-time as I fully stand by my earlier arguement about the PE curriculum at secondary level. However, I would like to see more Primary schools employ a PE specialist in their schools.
    I think one of the major problems is teacher training for primary school teachers for PE and a professional responsibility on some (not all) existing staff to up skill themselves. When I worked in a SSCo role in the past, too many primary school teachers saw it as an opportunity as a release time for PPA or an opportunity to have a break rather than see it as CPD! Alot of these primary's also had the resources cards/teaching aids to teach these lessons...all they really had to do was look at it!
    In terms of the current situation of the SSP overall, think the government have just delayed the inevitable in terms of their original plan!
  3. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    We agree!
    The current SSP system basically tries to squeeze in as many sports as possible. Less is more - train staff up in rugby, netball, hockey, football, cricket and rounders. Make sure one member of staff in primary is responsible for each sport.
    Outside staff can be brought in to run other sports as clubs. I know I get bashed for being games focussed but there is a massive difference in the kids reaction when you tell them 'it's gymnastics today' or 'it's hockey today'!
    There has been an over-emphasis on gym and dance. With the new curriculum taking shape hopefully dance will get shifted across to 'performing arts'. This would be great because at least then the school can put on a show once every so often, this would tie in art, drama and dance, giving the kids a chance to perform.


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