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Governors on residential school trips

Discussion in 'School trips' started by MistralFred, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. I've done many foreign residentials over the years and would never entertain the idea of taking governors OR parents.
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    As long as the Governor is going as a 'worker' and not on a 'jolly' what's the problem. I have never taken a parent on a trip because the need has never arisen. However my school seems to be attracting more and more disabled children these days and I can see the time coming when we may need to take a parent as a carer on a trip.

    In primary where the staffing ratios are quite small (in nurseries it can be 1:3) I doubt many trips could happen without parents going along.
  3. grrmummy

    grrmummy New commenter

    Our governors bring skills from a wide range of professional backgrounds and as such represent a cross section of society (accountancy/legal/health sectors etc). This provides the effective and multi skilled strategic direction which as a school and GB we are happy with. Governors regularly visit the school but they do not 'observe' lessons: most are after all not professionally qualified teachers (though some are of course). As a GB we have a clear demarcation of roles and buy in professional independent lesson observations to inform planning and strategic direction.
    I suppose it depends on the type of school as to how much hands on involvement is expected? The sorts of questions that arise for me with regard to governors going on residential trips are things like insurance and vetting procedures but I am assuming the Head is happy as he has agreed to it. Sounds like from what you think it is no bad thing. probably depends entirely on the circumstances and the type of school. I could not imagine it happening at our school though, particularly if the person does not have a teaching background[​IMG]
  4. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    The Governor (as they are not paid) would be along as a volunteer (with a CRB held by the school) as such they will be covered by the LEA's insurance exactly like a member of staff or any other volunteer.
  5. I wouldn't want anyone without experience of dealing with groups of children as a member of staff on any residential trip. Nor would I want anyone tagging along for the fun of it either - trips are stressful and busy enough without feeling like you are being observed or having to give a running commentary on what you're doing.
  6. grrmummy

    grrmummy New commenter

    Thank you Crunchie - this was my gut feeling as a governor (and that which was communicated to me in confidence by a teacher at another school)
    [​IMG] This still does not mean I am not interested or that I do not 'champion' the school...
  7. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    If the choice is between taking a Governor and not running a trip, then I would take a Governor every time. I have had to make that choice in the past and would again.
    If I was told I HAD to take someone I didn't want on a trip, then that would be a different matter entirely.

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