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Government Jobs Abroad?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by The Littlest Hobo, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. The Littlest Hobo

    The Littlest Hobo New commenter

    I am currently working training teachers in Kazakhstan for a government system (Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools) and it has been very good to me. I feel I would like to go elsewhere now. I've worked in international schools in the past but it's not really my thing. I'm trying to find similar teacher-trainer programmes or just overseas state education programmes but so far I've only found programmes in the following countries:

    Taiwan (not bad)
    Chile (quite low salary)
    U.A.E. (notoriously badly behaved students)
    China (sort of: Dipont)
    Brunei (attractive)

    Can anyone please add to this, rather short, list?
  2. edmundstavros

    edmundstavros New commenter

    My partner's dad worked on a teacher-trainer project with government schools in Borneo (not Brunei) run by the British Council. I'm not sure if this particular project is still ongoing, but the British Council might be worth a look.
  3. The Littlest Hobo

    The Littlest Hobo New commenter

    Thank you. I used to look at that program but it has been discontinued. Seemed sweet.
  4. The Littlest Hobo

    The Littlest Hobo New commenter

    I might add: The NET Scheme in Hong Kong

    For posterity...
  5. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    Avoid the UAE unless you are desperate beyond desperate. Schools hit or miss, mostly miss, students' behaviour (and parents / school managers for that matter) is f****** awful at best, with nearly student you come across is lazy, arrogant and 'entitled'. Such a sad waste of life and oxygen. Taiwan would be an excellent choice, lovely people, good food and a great location to travel about from. South Korea would be another place to consider for similar reasons.

    How did you find Kazakhstan?
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  6. 1stSgtWelsh

    1stSgtWelsh New commenter

    If anybody has any questions about working in the state schools in Brunei (I'm here now) then I will try and answer them.
    The Littlest Hobo likes this.
  7. navigatehk

    navigatehk New commenter

    I think Hong Kong would be great for you! What are your qualifications? Hong Kong has a great expat community and learning another language isn't required to have a good life here, although I would recommend learning Cantonese if you want to truly immerse yourself in all Hong Kong has to offer.

    If you have teaching qualifications already, you would slot nicely into an international school. I'd try and avoid the local schools unless you are employed through the NET scheme here. (Primary school and up) If you are looking for more information on teaching or living in Hong Kong, I have a blog that might give you some insight.

    I teach in kindergarten and the starting salary hasn't moved in 11 years. It's still roughly HK$20,000. If you have teaching qualifications then you can register as a teacher with the EDB which will land you jobs that are much better paying. In the kindergarten sector, for teachers, if you have the qualifications and the experience, you could be looking at HK$40-50,000. Obviously, the international schools are going to be where you will find higher salaries.

    Rent will be your biggest expense in Hong Kong by far. If you can get that as low as you can stomach, you will be able to save a fair bit of money here. Currently, my rent eats up about 25% of my salary which is modest compared to what some people pay. I remember watching a show on TVB (one of the local stations here) and one man was saying his rent was half of his salary. Madness. The gentleman made HK$60,000.

    To give you an idea of how far HK$20,000 will go, I wrote an article a while back that might give you some perspective. Let me know if it helps!
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  8. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    I feel like the UAE may have some positions that might suit you - I met someone before the summer who was workign as a teacher trainer (I think) for the MoE who was possibly going to be working with the recent grads (unqualified) coming to the UAE to teach in their new programme.

    I was pretty sociable that day so I don't rememeber all the details but from my hazy memory they had no contact time with students, but provided training and support to the MoE teachers. It might be all those positions are filled now but it may be worth a look?
  9. The Littlest Hobo

    The Littlest Hobo New commenter

    I had my eye on it for a while, the salary is more than competitive. Unfortunately, they don't know how to market themselves and can get some pretty **** teachers at times.
  10. The Littlest Hobo

    The Littlest Hobo New commenter

    I'd love to get a job in Brunei but my wife is American and they only hire from the Commonwealth :(
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  11. The Littlest Hobo

    The Littlest Hobo New commenter

    I like the NET Scheme a lot but I've heard the application process is intense. I've moved around so much over the last 20 years, I cannot remember my addresses and do not have proof of residence and criminal record checks for everywhere I've lived. I just don't think I could give them all the documentation they require.

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