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Government consultation - if you care about our subject answer this survey.

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Dressmate, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Whoops sorry second one is email address for any comments.
  2. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Im pretty sure once this white paper finally gets passed, it'll vanish from Ks4 in most schools anyway. It was always good for pushing up the A*-C grades but now its not going to be in the performance equation, i think we'll see a lot of schools bailing out. (at least for a few years, until it starts to be pushed again)
    still, i'll go and give my views (for all the good it does)
  3. sav5000

    sav5000 New commenter

    From what i can see the agenda is to 'slim' down the statutory NC to allow schools freedom the set the curriculum to local needs. I imagine the decisions have been taken and the consultation is a paper exercise to support the latter.
    So DT is pretty certain to not be statutory at KS3 from 2014, which would follow suit from KS4 being made unsatutory a few years back. If food can go its own way it may remain statutory if it stays part of DT it wont.
    So, this may be ok, smaller class sizes at ks3? unlikely, just less teachers.
    Also the brighter kids will be focused toward humanities, music and languages, just like at the end of ks3. so back to CDT then! lets learn how to make things again all the design rubbish never worked anyway!
    just my 2 cents.
  4. Having looked at the consultation website, it appaers to be a case of going through the motions.
    They have already decided the "core" when you add in the effect of the English Bacc - (what happened to the consultation on that?), it is pretty clear where we are going.
    Traditional values seems to equate with traditionally meaningless to at least 40% of the school population. Mr. Gove might think they will take it meekly, but he has never worked in an inner city secondary school.
    If we are really going to be entrusted to the education of the 45% who cannot achieve the ENG Bacc then we need to rethink the curriculum.
    Split D&T, into Food, Construction and Engineering. Forget STEM, design innovation or the contribution manufacturing makes to the wealth of the nation.
    Is this realistic? I don't think so but it will take someone with a wider perpective of education than the current Secretary of State to come up with a sensible plan.

    Gosh this is black! Lets have a really good exhibition of fanastic work from around the country held in a haall in Westminster and invite all the MPs and DFE officials - including Jon Coles who not that long ago was pushing the 14-19 Diplomas fo rthe previous lot.
    Then they can see what we do. Come on DATA what are you waiting for?
  5. Unfortunately what you say is probably right - but I don't believe in giving up easily - I believe we have to fight this. You ask any student at my school for their favourite subject and its always D and T - whichever area - usually all of them.
    So what do you think they will do with those of us who teach the subject...?
    I couldn't stand teaching anything else - especially a subject which students don't like!
  6. Thanks for reminding us all. I was about to post the link myself.
    Isnt it amazing that someone can have the power to wipe out a subject/s that has been so enjoyed and contributed so much to a wider school experience.
    Has anyone heard what people such as James Dyson make of this?
  7. Wow, thanks for this - I would have missed it otherwise.

    I don't think the future for the subject looks so bleak - our year 9 options evening was very busy this year (my voice was almost gone from talking so much!). We even had some of the brightest girls opting for Resistant Materials, which was beyond our expectations. It seems that students are looking for balance in their curriculum.
    Maybe no-one is paying attention to the EBacc?
  8. In fact, I'd be happy for D&T to be removed from the NC. I see no benefit in a centralised prescription of 'knowledge, skills and understanding' against which I and my students are to be measured. We're not in the EBacc, so why try to cling to the NC? Whilst we're on that point - there's also a call for evidence on the EBacc, closing on 8th March. Here's the link http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/education-committee/news/new-inquiry-announced-e-bac/
  9. Hey, I'm new to this world (to be a training teacher) Im hoping to be
    teaching RM next year, and been reading alot of worrying things lately
    about the D&T department,

    If D&T is removed as part of the core curriculum at KS3 and 4 does that mean its just not going to be taught in schools?

  10. sav5000

    sav5000 New commenter

    If DT is no longer statutory this does not imply or mean it will be removed or reduced. It means that schools will have flexability and choice in how it is delivered. DT at KS3 is popular so will more than likely remain on the curriculum in most schools. DT is popular in private schools who are exempt from NC controls.
    It many mean not all pupils follow DT at KS3 though as currently they all have to study DT until the end of KS3.
  11. re

    re New commenter

    But DT is a very expensive subject. If it wasn't statutory a lot of schools would look at the bottom line.
  12. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Precisely! then in 5years time when they **** about with things again, there'll be a massive push on DT and we'll have already asset stripped departments, re-allocated workshops and all be up 5hit creak!
    Just my opinion

  13. re

    re New commenter

    You're nt cynical then.
  14. Just a reminder - within the discussion to make sure you all have your say on the survey as well. Don't rely on the governement listening to DATA.

    You are all correct especially about the cost implications.
    ............and of course we are the only subject that does what we do - cross curricular (without even having to think about it), hands-on, variety, creative, personally challenging, independent, self motivating, sense of purpose and achievement, kinesthetic, audio and visual learning and of course the big favourite - project based learning. OH says a member of SLT and a parent - do you really do all of those things? No wonder it's the favourite subject of most students.

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