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Got your interview? Share the news!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Half MT, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Maybe somewhere near the begining then if I explain my situation. If I don't get the train soon enough then I don't get home that day. I'm sure they would understand that?
  2. I can understand your point. I was just thinking from their perspective that they have many other people to interview and may have a specific structure for the day? I don't really know, maybe they might be understanding? It's your choice.
  3. Has anyone heard from the Institute of Education for Secondary English PGCE? I got a waiting list place last year because I applied too late (well .. December - but they ran out of places!) and this year I applied early and haven't heard anything yet!!

  4. Hey katieb84, my interview is tomorrow too. Interesting that they're doing primary and secondary on the same day, I assumed we would be dealt with seperately.
    I've done loads of preparation and am still so nervous! Good luck, maybe see you there!
  5. Hey,
    Just noticed i have an interview on 1st of December for history pgce at MMU but no letter yet about it, nerves setting in already this is my third attempt at getting into a pgce and will most likely be my last if doesn't go well. anyone else got an interview for the course there?, same day? or even any advice that could be helpful even such as somewhere to stay close by as i will prob fly over the night before form belfast.
  6. Hi All,
    I have an interview at MMU for Primary on the 24th November, is anybody else there on the same day? Or has anyone had a primary interview there yet? If so, how did the day go?
  7. Hi Phil,
    Myself and my friend will be there on the same day as you, my interview is for secondary but my friend's is for primary. We are going along together for support, but my interview begins at 11:30, and primary is an hour later so she'll be hanging around for a bit!
    I went for a primary interview last year at MMU, so if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask. What are you doing your presentation on? I feel I went wrong last year during the individual interview because I researched so much I had loads of jargon jumbled up in my head and my personality didn't really shine through. So my best piece of advice would be to try and relax, be yourself and don't be daunted by the process. And you can sit down for your presentation so it ain't all that bad. Good luck!
  8. Hi Vik,

    Thanks for the reply, sorry to hear that you did not pass last year, so best of luck this year. What subject are you going for? I am still to decide exactly what to do my presentation, I was thinking something like KS2 SATS as that's pretty big at the moment, ICT, or further support for children with SEN.I am going to do a bit more research today.

    What kind of questions did they ask in the personal interview? Were there many questions on the national curriculum? Or were they centred more around 'why do you want to be a teacher?' Also what is the written test like? How long do you get to complete it?

  9. I got an interview for the art and design pgce, It's at Hertfordshire and I'm very excited/terrified. Does anyone know the sorts of things I should be reading up on? I have a graphics and illustration degree but have a feeling the questions might be more about fine art type stuff.
    Someone I work with who did their art pgce last year says they got quizzed on some famous artist/education specialist who I've never even heard of and had to write an essay about him on the spot?!?!?

    Do they really expect us to have huge knowledge on art education theory before we start?
  10. rlamb89

    rlamb89 New commenter

    Hey there, I also have an interview for Edgehill, just cruising through the forums for any info on them going around. Couldn't help but notice you mentioned a portfolio. What do you mean by this? Do we need to have a portfolio? (I'm applying for a Primary PGCE).
    When is yours? Mine is January 5th - pretty nervous already!!
  11. Hi Ro,
    I just replied to your other message on Edge Hill [​IMG] I noticed people mentioning portfolios on TES and TSR. I would take this to mean presenting the panel with evidence of work done during your experiences working with young people, extra references etc.
    I have a few bits and pieces I have gathered together over the past few months (craft work mainly!) which I might take along with me but there may not be much time to discuss it with the panel as according to the guidance sent by Edge Hill, our individual interviews last for only 5 mins!
    I'd be interested to see if anyone else has thought about taking a portfolio with them.
    Ella (Edge Hill Primary PGCE, interview 15/12/10)
  12. rlamb89

    rlamb89 New commenter

    Just found this :eek:) i messaged you back again on the other site, this is a brill idea! Thanks again for the help!
  13. Hi Phil, I'm going for English, my degree's in English so it's the obvious choice. I'm actually glad now I didn't get on last year, although when I was rejected it felt like the worse thing in the world! But it would've been a mistake for me to go into primary. SATS are a biggie at the minute, my son's school are torn between the head wanting to scrap them and quite a few of the teachers wanting them to stay. I also think it's a good one to do because it's not quite as popular as SEN, inclusion, and EAL - at my interview last year three out of four of us in our group (including myself!) did our presentations on inclusion. Saying that, it's not necessarily the content they're looking for, more the way you deliver it and handle yourself in that kind of situation (which is very friendly and relaxed, btw).
    In the individual interview, they didn't even mention the national curriculum! I'd kinda prepared for the wrong stuff, concentrating on curriculum and policy, when really they just wanted to find out what sort of experiences I'd had. They asked a question on inclusion - and they don't just want you to talk about kids with SEN, mention gifted and talented too and how every child needs to be catered for. They like it when you include G&T as it shows you've thought about inclusion on a wider scale rather than just the SEN kids. They asked a scenario question - what I'd do with a boy who didn't like school and didn't want to learn. And they asked me to talk about a bad experience I'd had and what I could've done to improve it, and also a good experience I'd had, and why. Another question was what I would want my ideal classroom to look like - as in, how the kids would be behaving, would their work be displayed, would everyone be working at their own level (again, inclusion), good staff relations (between teacher and support staff). The final thing they asked was if I were to be successful, how would I spend my summer in preperation for beginning the PGCE in September, and in particular would I do any reading (which threw me a little bit, but they just meant the TES, tell them you've subscribed to the paper, it shows you're keeping up to date with education and any new initiatives).
    Another thing with MMU, they give out the places on a first come first serve basis, despite what anyone tells you! Last year my interview date was in Jan, then the bad weather (snow! [​IMG] ) meant Didsbury was closed so the interview was put back till Feb. By then, the majority of places had already gone. So well done on getting your application in and getting an interview so early! You have a much better chance. Also think about whether you would consider swapping to the Early Years or MFL route, as the general primary fill up (the have 60 places for general primary, 30 for Early Years and 30 for MFL). It helps them if those who could do MFL/EY, do. They asked all of us at the interview if we'd consider switching routes.
    Good luck, hope that's helped!
  14. Also, the written test was 45 mins long - can't believe in that mammoth post above I forgot to say that lol. Again, it's less about content and more about punctuation/grammar. They told us last year no one has EVER failed the interview on the written test alone, so don't worry about that bit x
  15. Hi Vik,
    Thank you so much for the very detailed information, it helps a lot :) Especially the info about the interview and presentation, I will definitely have to do reading to cover all cases I think.
    I heard that was the case with places, that's one of the reasons I got it off as soon as I could. I have taken a few days off work to prepare as I don't want to get caught out on anything as a year is a long time to wait if I am unsuccessful. Ideally i'd like to do GP, however, I did enjoy EY's on my work experience and would be too fussed about switching over.
    Good luck next week anyway, thanks for all your help and let me know how you do.
  16. zippy113

    zippy113 New commenter

    I've just found out that i have an interview for UWIC to do secondary drama on the 13th Dec, Scary stuff!
  17. Hey,
    I have an interview at London Met on 2nd December for PGCE PE. We have to write an hour long lesson plan and teach 7-10 minutes of it, using the rest of the candidates as the pupils. Then there is a written task and individual interviews.
    Scary stuff!
    Anyone else applied to/got an interview at London Met for PE? Or any other subject?

  18. Hi guys,
    I have an interview at the University of Derby for PGCE Primary (3-7) on 14th December - anyone else going then? I'm both nervous and excited!
    Lou x
  19. Hi Everyone,
    I had my interview on Monday at Southampton Uni and GTTR confirmed today that I have got a conditonal place. [​IMG]
    We got told we may have to wait up to 2 weeks for a decision so i was really surprised to hear after just 2 days!!
    Good Luck to everyone else!
  20. Hi,
    I have an interview for Primary PGCE in Goldsmiths - not till January though. [​IMG]

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