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Got your interview? Share the news!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Half MT, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Hello MissMc1,
    I've appliead to St Mary's as well for Maths PGCE. Have an interview in two weeks time and i'm already shaking like a leaf.
    Try getting in touch with the admissions tutor, write an email maybe. That's what I did and he kept me informed about getting my application and finally the interview date.
    Which course are you applying for?

    All the best and try and be positive. [​IMG]
  2. Hi
    UmuMaryam, congratulations on your interview!

    I actually checked track on Friday evening and my status had changed to interview! Hopefully the letter will come tomorrow with details as I don't know when it is, I applied for the primary PGCE.

    Good luck in your interview [​IMG]
  3. Hi MissMc1,
    Congrats on your interview as well [​IMG]
    I'm also waiting for my letter. I hope it comes tomorrow. Need to start preparing for the presentation and stuff.
    Good Luck.
  4. Edge Hill 15th December! Soooooo happy and excited!!!
  5. Congrats on the interview! From my forum stalking I can see quite a few people have been called for the 15th, I hope it goes well for you :)

    Do you mind me asking when your application was actually processed? I sent mine on the 13th but according to track it wasn't processed until the 14th. Still stressing! Who ever thought that this process was so incredibly stressful?
  6. Thank you! I submitted my application October 12th and I think it went to Edge Hill on the 13th, been stressing so much for the past few weeks! I really hope you hear from them soon.

    Ella X
  7. Hi all I have an interview at BCU on the 1st Dec I want this so badly good luck to everyone
  8. Congratulations to everyone who has got an interview and very best to everyone still waiting [​IMG]

  9. Hey..
    Seems like lots of interviews are coming through now. Good Luck guys!
    I got a letter from Chester Uni today, for Art PGCE, interviews on 8th Dec.. anyone else applying to chester? or art and design?
    6 Hour interview day! consisitng of group interview, showing portfolio, individual interview and a writting test!
    Hollie x
  10. Interview at Brighton for Primary on 23rd November! Just checked my emails 20 mins ago. I'm SO happy, to be given this chance is the best thing that's happened to me for a VERY long time. The culmination of 3 years of working all hours and saving hard. Though that will make the actual day even more nerve wracking.....
    On the email they just said the date and time of the interview, the name of the interviewer and that I will need to complete a short writing task. Nothing about presentations etc. Anyone else heard from Brighton?
  11. Ok, scratch that. Just tried downloading the email again at work and there is a link to more information, including presentations, that my home setup clearly couldn't cope with.
  12. RandomGiraffe, what day is your interview? I have one for Secondary History at UWE on Wed 17 and I too am excited and nervous! How is your prep going?
  13. Got my interview for edgehill on the 15th, from the list of things that we will have to do it seems pretty intimidating! does anyone know anything about the maths,english, science and ICT tests? I know they are supposed to be fairly simple, but my maths skills are extremely basic and i wouldnt want that to let me down
  14. Hi little-red,

    I too have an interview at Edge Hill on the 15th [​IMG] Very excited but scared at the same time! Basically I did my GCSEs 13 years ago and haven't looked at Maths or Science since then! I've been looking at BBC Bitesize and using a GCSE Maths revision book. I was quite weak at those two sujects at school so I'm spending quite a lot of time revising. As far as I know we will be given multiple choice questions to answer (does this apply to all four subjects?)

  15. daisy1603

    daisy1603 Occasional commenter

    After going through the GTTR process last year and not getting one single interview offer I now have an interview at Edge Hill :D to do PE PGCE on the 24th November.
    Anyone had an interview for PE at Edge Hill yet? I'm slightly scared by all the different elements to the interview!!
  16. Hi Ella1281,

    I severely hope so! I figure if the test is 45 mins long, that leaves like 10 mins per section, so there cant be too many questions on it? That is scary enough, without the random essay thrown in there too, i think it will be a fun day, er NOT! Im glad they gave us such specific information though, at least we know what to expect. Although, im still clueless about the portfolio issue, i don't want to look unprepared but at the same time I think they are a bit unnecessary.
  17. I think there's 20 questions per subject, really hope they're not too difficult!!! Are you doing lots of reading up on SEAL, ECM, Rose/Cambridge Reviews etc.? How much detail are we expected to know? I read that the individual interview is only 5 mins, I'd read that other universities individual interviews were 25 - 30 mins so that is very short- not much time to show a portfolio.
  18. Hi, I applied on the 13th Oct and was nervously checking track obsessively, my first choice is MMU and they waited the full 28 days before offering me an interview! I'm so relieved! It's on 24th November, anyone else on here heard from MMU? I havent seen it mentioned in any of the recent posts. This is my second time applying, I applied for primary last year but I'm glad I didnt get on now as I've realised I'm more suited to secondary, so I've gone for secondary English.
    Good luck everyone!
  19. I've got an interview at Cumbria Uni for Primary Ed on the 1st December. It's awkward trying to travel over the England (myself being form the Isle of Man) for just one day. Do you think if I ask nicely they will interview me first so I can get the train in time for the last flight out?
  20. I personally wouldn't ask to be interviewed first. They might view it as a bit demanding?

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