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Got your interview? Share the news!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Half MT, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Just found out I have an interview at Cambridge for secondary maths on the 10th november!! Very nervous now as this means it's real!!!
  2. Congrats every one!!

    I have my interview for secondary drama on the 11th November at central school of speech and drama!!

    I'm so scared! There is much prep to do!

  3. I've just got an interview at Nottingham Trent (primary) through on the 13th Nov!!
    I'm so exicted, although I've got so much prep to do- and they sound like it will be a really tough morning/ they are really tough from the tone of the interview notes!

    Well done to everyone!
  4. johnpp

    johnpp New commenter

    Called the UEA on a seperate issue and have just been informed I'm to be interviewed on the 17th Nov for Primary PGCE.......WOOO HOOO!!! Still waiting for the letter so don't know what to expect yet.
  5. johnpp

    johnpp New commenter

    Just found out I have an interview with the UEA for primary on 17th November, not received the letter yet so not sure what to expect or prepare.
  6. Just been told I have an interview on th 12th or 19th November at UWE! YAY!
  7. I've just found out I have an interview with Sheffield Hallam for a primay PGCE....on the 6th January! Such a painfully long time to wait. [​IMG] Better late than never though =D
  8. I've got an interview for RE at Oxford 16th December yey!
  9. Hi all,
    I had my interview for primary at Warwick yesterday, and thought I'd let you know how the day went.
    It seemed pretty relaxed for the most part, the reading and maths tests weren't half as scary as I imagined them, there was more than enough time to complete them and check through at the end. The tutors seemed really friendly, which put me at ease. We were put into groups of 4 for the group task and individual interviews. For the group task we were asked to discuss what we thought made a good teacher, I was really lucky I had a good bunch of girls and we all seemed to bounce ideas off each other in our discussion, so I felt that went really well.

    As for the individual interview...well even that wasn't as scary as I had anticipated! There was one tutor and a teacher from a partner school, and from the beginning the tutor told me they had a set structure of questions to ask. They took it in turns to ask me questions, and seemed really encouraging with their answers, nodding and smiling which really makes you feel more relaxed. The first question was why do you want to be a teacher? They then asked about a particularly good lesson I had observed, how I feel my degree subject relates to the curriculum (I studied psychology and ed studies). They also asked about my time as a TA and the most important thing I feel I have learnt from my experience, and also (which slightly threw me) what I feel to be my weakness in terms of curriculum subjects. Finally they asked me about an educational issue which interests me and which I may have an opinion on. All in all it went really fast, only lasted about 15 mins. I tried at every opportunity to relate everything to my own experience and mention anything I knew about the practice of teaching (i.e. differentiation, learning objectives etc.). On the whole they were really friendly, after all they want you to do well they're not trying to catch you out!

    Good Luck to everyone with their up and coming interviews!

  10. Woohoo. I've just heard that I have been invited to an interview at Moray House (Edinburgh) for secondary History.

    Just thought I would join in!

    Good luck to all who have an interview.
  11. Hi everyone, I've just found out from the University of Birmingham that I've got an interview for Secondary Geography on 19th Nov.

    The letter only mentions an interview and a written task. Has anyone already had an interview at B'ham, or is going around the same time?

    Good luck everyone.

  12. I have a interview for Primary PGCE at Canterbury Christ church. Can't actually find anyone else who has one here though1 I'm quite excited but also apprehensive as I know how competitive it is. The maths test is the only thing that is a bi daunting though.
  13. 7.5 weeks of waiting, but I don't care now because I have an interview! YAY!![​IMG]

  14. I heard last Monday that I have an interview today for secondary science PGCE. I was so nervous beforehand but I got in there and did OK. I had to do a presentation but kept it simple and I reckon it went well. I was told there and then I got it *yay* so I think I did pretty well :)
    Glad it's over though. Phew! I can hand in my notice at work...

  15. I got an interview! Finally! I have been waiting a looooong time, I can breathe now!
    It's at the learning institute. Trip to cornwall!
  16. Hi Sdhami, have been looking out for your posts as you had the same first choice as me - cssd. Congratulations on your interview! Just interested to know if you made cornwall your first choice instead of cssd?
  17. I had my interview this morning for MFL PGCE at Durham at it was not at all what I expected! I had anticipated interview panels, group tasks, teaching simulations ... the lot! In fact, my interview was with just one of the PGCE tutors and consisted of a brief talk over the formalities (checking my GCSE certificates and ID) followed by a few very broad questions about 'teaching'. We then spoke in French and German - less than 30 seconds each! I was then asked to write 400 words in my first language (French) and 300 words in my second language (German) on why we should learn a foreign language, which took about an hour. A quick 'debrief' at the end and I was done!

    I know that interviews vary from institution to institution, but hopefully my experience will put some of you at ease.
  18. charlieeh

    charlieeh New commenter

    Interview at Oxford, for Secondary English! Woooop! :)

    Thanks Ben Calvert - your description of your interview makes it sound a little less scary! :)

  19. I've got my interview for UpperPrimary at Leicetser woo :), bit scared that there won't be enough time to prepare though as i've got so much on with my degree over the next two weeks!
    Good luck to everyone else with their interviews!

  20. Got an interview at CSSD for media studies on 15 December! Is the only provider for me that would mean no travelling so am happy but v nervous!

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