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Got your interview? Share the news!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Half MT, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Hi

    Thought I would set this up,as hopefully us early applicants will be hearing news soon and we can share tips on what we doing to prepare and so on

    I've got an interview at Warwick for Primary PGCE,so pretty happy with that.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I have an interview at York St John for Primary and it's tomorrow (eek!)

  3. Hello Matt
    Primary at Warwick for me too!! Yay, so excited [​IMG] When is yours being held? Mine is first week in November. Do you think they do them all in the same week/month etc?

  4. kettle1

    kettle1 New commenter

    Hi, stupid question but how did you find out you had got an interview? Was it via Track, letter, e-mail etc?
  5. Sarah - Hope the interview has gone well!

    Ahah a fellow Warwick interviewee,excellent! My interview is 5th November,think theres quite a few.

    I did find out via email,track doesn't mention it,because it hasn't come from GTTR (as i understand it),and I don't think we have to inform GTTR until Warwick make a decision post-interview (please correct me if I'm wrong)
  6. Hey Sarah, please let us know how you got on! I'm sure you did excellently! [​IMG]
    Yep, I got an email too, straight from Warwick, so I don't know when the Track gets updated on this - my status hasn't changed! Not sure if we need to do anything, but the fact that I don't know at this stage is probably not good! [​IMG] My interview is 5th November too, Matt, see you there!!!
  7. I have an interview at Cambridge for Secondary English and Drama next Thursday(!). Rubbish timing as I've just come out of hospital, I have viral meningitis. I have to do SO much prepartion as well. I am panicking just slightly!!
  8. I have an interview for Primary CPPT on 27th Novmeber. Seems like loads of time to prepare but i'm still nervous/scared.
    What current issues are you guys looking at? Most of the things I can find are about high schools e.g. new academys being set up, new diplomas ect. Not many things about primary schools. I suppose I could talk about the new early years curriculum but thats not ks1/ks2 its more soncerned with nursery/reception.

    Hope your feeling ok kircemig.

    Good luck everyone!

  9. Yaaaaaaaaaay got an interview for UEA, general primary on 17th November. So plently of time to swot up on issues and prepare, ah im so glad!! anyone else got an interview for UEA? XXX
  10. I have a PE PGCE interview for the 7th of November at UEA!
  11. Ive got an interview for Primary Maths at Exeter on 17th November. Beginning to panic a bit but happy to get an interview tho! :)
  12. Received an invitation for interview on 10th November at Oxford.. excited but terrified!
  13. Congratulations to everyone who has an interview!
    I too have an interview at Warwick on 4th November. I'm quite concerned as I haven't received any further information through the post from them yet. I rang them up a few days ago and they said candidates usually receive the information 2 weeks prior to their interview - it's less than 2 weeks now until mine. Just wondering those of you who have interviews with Warwick, have you received anything from them?? I don't know whether to be worried or not!


  14. Got a letter this afternoon inviting me for an interview at Birmingham on 4th November - seems to be a popular date!
  15. Hi Emily,

    I have my interview at warwick on the 5th November. They emailed me today,about a pre-interview one day placement. Have you heard about this?

    They also mentioned that all my interview information has gone in the post today

    Hope this helps


  16. Got mine on the 14th November for Secondary English at Exeter.
  17. I've got a Primary Flexible PGCE interview at LSBU on November 19th, so happy but so nervous! Quite a while to prepare but it looks like a tough day. Anyone else got an interview at LSBU?
  18. Hi Matt,

    Yeah thanks, I have received the same emails now, must say I was relieved! Going on when friends have received their information pack from them in the past it did seem a little late, but I guess things change every year.

    Anyway, good luck with your interview! :-D
  19. Hi,
    I just checked GTTR and it says interview (applied for Biology PGCE at Manchester)... yay, although have heard nothing from Manchester as of yet. It's a little scary as the date it says on GTTR is 6th November (is the date on GTTR definate does anyone know?).
    Argh that's in like a week and a half! Not long to prepare at all!

  20. Congrats to everyone who has got an interview! I am actually beginning to go crazy. I definitely need to learn to be patient!

    Let us all know how your interviews go!

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