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Got an interview on 2nd November - SCITT Thames Primary Consortium

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Teacher_Jen, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. I'm very happy but also scared! It says a 5-10 minute presentation on an educational matter of today plus english and maths tests and observing me with a classroom teacher. Has anyone else got an interview here?
    I'm already panicking, do I use powerpoint or just speak when doing the presentation?!
  2. first of all congratulations on the interview!
    I completed my PGCE in July, though it was secondary I had to prepare a presentation for my interview, though hey didn't ask to see it (i was so annoyed at the time) but they could have done so it was a good job I had prepared.
    I have some general advice for you, but nothing specific about the tests or observation.
    For the presentation,I would strongly suggest that you use something like PowerPoint to;
    1- show you are competent in the use of ICT - an essential for teaching now
    2- provide different stimulus for your audience as different people will find taking information on board easier in different ways. I.e, some find it easier to listen, some find it easier to read and some find it easier to physically do something. This is all about learning styles Audio, Kinesthetic and visual.
    This could be a good topic for your presentation, but i will leave the research and other content for you to decide as you wouldn't want to turn up with the same presentation as someone else (who may have spotted this here!)
    As for the nerves, remember that they have chosen you from all those applicants to go for interview, so you've obviously got some potential, just keep yourself calm and as long as you prepare and do your homework on that relevent topic you should be fine as far as the presentation goes.
    Hopefully someone who has been through your exact interview process will comment soon for you.
    Best of luck

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