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Gossip spread by teacher about head - what can I do?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by jellytot5, May 15, 2012.

  1. A member of staff at my school has been telling parents personal information about my health (all staff were made aware of this 3 years ago) and also that I'm about to be sacked. Can I do anything about it?
    If this happened to one of my staff I'd hold a disciplinary meeting with the bully (because it is bullying) and deal with it. Not sure when the victim is the head.
    Advice please!!
  2. Raise Grievance as per policy to Chair of Govs?
    Contact Union/HR for further advice.
  3. I agree with timeforanap.
    Take advice from your HR people and also from your union / prof association.
    I would see this as a serious disciplinary issue as (if proven) the member of staff has breached confidentiality and spread malicious gossip.
  4. I know all to well what it is like to be in this situation, although in my case nobody actually suggested I was about to be sacked (this makes it much worse and more mallicious).
    If this was a matter of your health being discussed then a quiet word with the head may have sufficed. However, I think in this situation the head needs to be spoken to as soon as possible (even if that means you call him/her now), and then you need to seek union advice. A letter needs to be written to the Chair of Governors so that something is in writing. If this isn't resolved to your satisfaction report this to the union, it will already be on file that you have sought advice and this should strengthen your case.
  5. Stratosphere, I got the impression that jellytot IS the Head...
    I would have this teacher in my office and have what my American friends call a come-to-Jesus meeting, to let them know in no uncertain terms that I do not tolerate malicious whispering in my school, and that i am not about to be sacked...but that other people MAY be. OK, you can't say the last bit, but you can make it known that you will be keeping a very beady eye on this individual in future and you don't expect any more nasty gossip. Have either the DH or the CoG in the office with you to back you up.
  6. Ooops I think I misunderstood the situation and thought that you were a member of the SMT rather than the Head.
    A written warning sounds like a sensible approach - should be enough to stop this happening.
    I am astounded that some teachers are so unprofessional as to gossip about their colleagues (and in this case their boss), particularly to parents. Perhaps if this continues after the warning the member of staff's professionalism could be questioned and eventually lead to capability proceedings?
  7. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    So it seems that this has happened before?

    And gossip from a parent will not stand up should this go to a tribunal.
    Sounds like a case of chinese whispers to me


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