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Google Documents

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by sdinnage, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. In comparison to open office writer

    Things like MS Word are annoying when you lose some of the cascading styles functionality.
  2. It's no surprise really but this is a fantastically stupid and irrelevant answer.
    At least there's no SPG probs in this one, eh?
    Thank God I'm too ****** and celbratory to notice (Oxo Tower very nice tonight).
    Wot a Nob, honestly.
  3. Trendy Art

    Trendy Art Star commenter

    Somehow I feel plagiarised! But not in a good way...
  4. Trendy Art

    Trendy Art Star commenter

    And it's not difficult to get the SPG wrong when you change two words...
  5. Do you know what plagiarism actually is? Your work is clearly quoted, my work isn't expressing your idea as my own, indeed I couldn't easily be suggesting an idea any more opposite to yours if I was trying.

    While we are on the subject of (non Microsoft) office software's ability (or lack as you may see it) to support formatting and other advanced features. Perhaps if Microsoft would actually implement any agreed ISO standard (either odf or their own ooxml) in any product, instead of wilfully preventing interoperation and embracing and extending the actual process of standardisation to prevent competition, we wouldn't see "formatting issues" from free and open software.

    JB, yet again your post furthers what, says what, helps anything beyond your own ego how?
  6. Hey big boy, chill. It's a Happy New Year, not the end of a long slog teaching at Chav Central. Christ if you are wound up like this now, you'll be a mess in a few months.
  7. I like to post under one name, try it, it might prevent you being a mess right now. As for "wound up" I'm personally pretty chilled, I have had time with family and friends and stuff is all good around here.

    Still my advice to adults who actively and seriously use the term "Chav" is, they should take a long hard look at their lives and start making changes. :)

    Happy new year to you too...
  8. Trendy Art

    Trendy Art Star commenter

    I'm fully aware of what plagiarism is and there's no need to feel aggrieved. If you wish to go the pedantic route - "Somehow I feel plagiarised. That is not to state that it is, moreover the interpretation of what you wrote was virtually what I said.
    If you have been reading the forums as long as I have you'd understand not to take things personally because after all JB was raised by a colony of turnips. People say he looks like a dog, but I think he's OK with that unless he disagrees.
  9. Apologies if it reads like I'm overly touchy on the plagiarism front, JB seemed to find it ok to accuse me of it, based on the misplacement of 2 apostrophes. As some posters around here go by more names than ole nick; it can be tricky to determine who is saying what.
    By the way the interpretation of what I wrote should be a virtual opposite of what you said, I don't find the issues with Word processing apps not created by MS to anything as bad as the issues I have with MS word itself, unless that is what you were saying.
  10. When I were a lad... teachers would tell whole classes that we were "the scum of the earth," but there was more deference about then and teachers were regarded as clever so nobody complained.If you look at mymouse's contributions on other forums ou'll find he's racist too. Typical ICT teacher, he calls himself.
  11. You clearly are mymouse, djphillips, piggypiggy, coronel, johnbrown and any new socks you have made, ready for 2011. All your posts have the same style, the same sad aggression and bitter reflections. The truth is planetx, few of us really become the person we want to be. But you do make me laugh with your posts to yourself and I am glad you never give up.
    Happy New Year. I hope you get a full-time teaching job in 2011. I raise my glass to you.
  12. Happy NY planetx. I feel sorry for you but also have enjoyed your never-ending ramblings.Let's all hope that next year is a lot nicer to you.
  13. Mymouse, mymouse, mymouse, mymouse, ... , mymouse and co. purveyors of garbage.What plans for the new year mymouse?

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