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Google classrooms and feedback

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Dan_ExMachina, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Dan_ExMachina

    Dan_ExMachina New commenter

    Hi all,

    My school is trialling classrooms as a potential thing to integrate more into the school system. I’ve been focusing it with one year 9 class, and I personally have found it to be quite useful and intuitive for certain homework’s.

    However, as we are still a book based school, I’m struggling to come up with useful/ efficient/ functional ways of showing in the pupils books that they have had the personalised marking and feedback they are actually getting.

    Any advice or ideas from those who are further down the line integrating digital classrooms?
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. diddydave

    diddydave Established commenter

    Before I left, my department moved to classroom and we had a document that was always ready to hand to any visitors to the room (SLT, Ofsted, parents etc) that showed them how to look at the work, marking, progress and feedback.
    I did ask students to add a 'comment' to their work, or reply to my feedback in comment form, which provided excellent evidence about the 'learning discussion' and it made it much easier to see where they had addressed anything that needed to be. There was one sticky week or two where a member of SLT felt that all evidence had to be paper based, purely for school-wide consistency. However when they did start to insist I did persuade them it wasn't necessary - firstly by making it clear there was no sensible educational value to the students for doing that and secondly by telling them that the printing of work and associated marking was an 'admin' task covered by the workload agreement and that they'd need to appoint a secretary or other support worker to do it.

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